Saturday, October 9, 2010

Alien Mercenaries Season 2 Episode #29!

Hey gang! Had a blast at Comic Con today (or is it technically yesterday now??), really cool to see some people in person that up until now have only existed as digital people on the forum. Tomorrow will be even more madness...need...sleeep...@_@


Okay, here's Episode #29 of Alien Mercenaries Season 2. What I'm planning on doing is having a new episode released in the beginning and end of each month until I can get back on a decent schedule for the comic's new episodes to be released.

Hope you all enjoy it:

This episode is a short one, but it leads into a HUGE 30th episode that may or may not be split into 2 parts depending on it's final size. The blue & red spaceship is the Space Hawk vehicle from the GO-BOTS toy line by Tonka in the 1980's. I needed to a ship for this scene, and it was all I had on hand. It actually works out pretty well though.

So...what IS that yellow monster anyways?? O_o??

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