Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm back! And I've made a LOT of stuff over my vacation

Okay, the final part to the Monstrokk Limited Series will be up sometime within the next two days or so, I just have to sit down & script the last few panels & then we'll be good to go.

In the meantime, I'm going to share with you guys some stuff I made while away on vactation. As I had an entire week without any work & plenty of free time, I made sure to bring my sculpey, tools & misc. other components to make customs with. I got to make a few Alien Mercenaries Season 2 characters that I'd not set time aside for, as well as learned how to sculpt a few new types of animal heads(I'll be showing a few of those below).

Okay, so here's the first new animal I made, a Duck-Billed Platypus. My fiancee had made the suggestion & wanted it as a glyos head & I instantly thought it was a fantastic idea! I hadn't thought about it before either, so I'm glad she made the suggestion. I actually made two as I liked the one I made for her so much I wanted one of my own LoL; the one with silver eyes is her's & the one with blue eyes is mine.

I even sculpted a boomerang accessory for them to use, as it seems kinda fitting for an australlian animal. Don't be surprised if you see more australlian animals popping up on the blog soon...

Next, another custom head for my fiancee (she gets the coolest stuff from me LoL) was 100% her idea. As I'd made an awesome rabbit head (you guys might see it soon, but not just yet ~_^), she requested I make one in red & with a monocle on it's eye. I'm not sure why she wanted it to have a monocle, but people just look cooler with monocles anwyays LoL.

More cool stuff to come, so be sure to keep looking at the blog for updates. When I get my new glyos product order in, you'll be seeing a LOT of cool customs popping up here.


  1. Nice stuff Chris, your sculpting skills continue to improve!

  2. It had to be red because he is the opposite of the White Rabbit!

    The monocle is a must for the truly debonair rabbit at the royal court.

    I love Alice in Wonderland hehehe!

  3. Thanks David! Glad you like 'em! :-D
    OH, okay Beth. Thanks for the explanation. Is there an actual red rabbit in the original Alice in Wonderland stories, or was this just a character you created yourself? o.O?