Thursday, August 6, 2009

Monstrokk Hunters- #2 in a Three-Episode Limited Series!

Hey guys! Here is Episode #2 of "Monstrokk Hunters", fresh off the presses! Enjoy! ^_^

The conclusion to this Limited Series will come up when I return from vaction next week (ooo suspense! O_O)....unless I have time before leaving in 4-5 hours & finish Episode #3 (but I don't like to rush it if it's not ready just yet).
Let me know what you all think of the new & improved Monstrokk. Is he more scary now then before? I've wanted to re-do him for a while, as I wanted him to have some sculpted parts. I actually made this upgraded body back in June/July, but kept his looks a secret until now. After seeing the new Rothan colored Buildman that's coming out, I may have to get a couple of those & swap-out Monstrokk's phase green parts for the light green ones (as they match his skin more), but I'll have to wait & see when I get some. I need to also post some pics of the new & improved Monstrokk up here on the blog, as he's changed ALOT & is much bigger too.
While on vaction I'll be spending some time sculpting & such, so expect lots of updates when I return next Friday. Until then, enjoy the week guys! :-D

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  1. Thanks Chris, the new improved Monstrokk is great and the surprise of how you added hium in was great too. Nice work, enjoy your vacation!!