Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays from Bah'glenn Creations!!

Happy Holidays to everyone out there in reader-land. Here's a BIG group shot of alot of my custom figures. Some are never before seen, others are newer versions of older customs. How many can YOU identify? O_o

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everybody!!


  1. WOW lots of guys we've never seen before. At least I don't remember seeingthem. I really like that green and black guy in the front left corner. He looks great! I hope your Christmas was great and th you have a happy and safe New Year!!

  2. The black/green guy in the front is from a species called the "Antixx". Their basically like an ant-like race that are REALLY big problems in some parts of the galaxy. That one in particular is a scout/ground trooper. There's actually another Antixx behind him & to the left who is a warrior/aerial trooper.

    About 16 of the guys here have been in posts for a while, the rest are new dudes who haven't seen the light of day...yet. ;-)

    Have a safe & happy new year too.