Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nature Shot: Antixx Ground Trooper v1 outside

Took this picture a few weeks ago back before the snow fell & covered every square inch of my photo-shooting areas. Will take a few more pics of this guy tonight & upload them here or on the forums when I get the chance. Also have another antixx sub-species to photograph, but I have a few more pieces to sculpt on it before I do that.

Antixx Ground Trooper

Brief info about him: The Antixx are a race of ant-like aliens that spread out over the galaxy, constantly sending scouting parties to find new worlds to extract food & resources from. Once one of them discovers the planet they're on is suitable for colonization, they'll send out a signal to the other scouts who then all send a joint-message to the main colony of their findings. The planet will soon be covered in swarms of antixx in less then a week. VERY dangerous and nearly impossible to get rid of once they've begun planet-fall. Have become a more recent threat in the galaxy, around the time period of the Alien Mercenaries.

(OH & that purple guy in the background is a Violos Buildman with some clear pieces. He's the starting of another character, so when he's all finished expect him on the blog/in the Glyos Forums soon.)

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  1. Chris I love this guy, can you get more shots of him posted?