Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New "Vacation Creations"!

Well as the weather here in New Hampshire has been very rainy since Sunday, it's given me some time to do some random creating. I'm going to post pics of the first new custom I made, something I'm calling a "Cohbrean" (Co-bree-en):

Cohbrean v1(Front)

Cohbrean v1(Angled Right Side)

Cohbrean v1(Angled Right Side)

This was my 1st attempt, but as it was a tad too thin, it stretched out while in the oven so he looks up more then directly in-front of him. Sunday night I worked on a 2nd Cohbrean which came out MUCH better:

Cohbrean v2 Front

Cohbrean v2 Posed

Cohbrean Right Side

Close-Up Angled View (Left Side)

Cohbrean v2 Close-Up Angled Right View

I'll probably make another version of this race during my vacation week, gotta try a few more tweaks on this one to get the sculpt just right. It's not bad now at all, much thicker then the 1st head and due to that additional thickness it didn't warp in the oven. The green-eyed version is now always looking up while this one is looking more forwards. Ah well, you live and learn. This body was built a month or so ago but I never got around to doing anything useful with it, but I always wanted a snake-like alien to inhabit it. I may make some custom-parts for these guys to give them a more unique look, stay tuned for more gang. 8-)

OH and go check out the Glyos Forum's "Custom Creations II" thread (CLICK HERE) to see another guy I made while on vacation. What's that one going to be? Well, he's a real pig and I'll leave it at that. ;-)


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