Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vacation time once again!

Going off on my annual trip to New Hampshire with my family and now (for the 1st time) my fiancee Beth too. Should prove to be a interesting week, and I'll no doubt be able to get some work done while on the trip (sculpting and such). We should have internet access up there (cause in this day-and-age, where isn't there web access??) so I'll try to post some pics of what's going on up there, as well as what I'm working on.

Oh, side-note: the banner for the page has changed for this month and is the 3rd picture in the banner picture story I'd been doing for the last 3 months. Basically it shows some Prutarran soldiers on the look out for an un-known alien called "Arrowhead". He revealed himself to us, the audience, in the July banner and then made his move this month slicing a soldier in half. O_O I'll have some more shots of him this week odds are.

Stay tuned...

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