Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Canne'boids go on sale, Friday August 12th!!

Okay after a VERY long delay due to numerous bits of wackines...the Canne'boids are finally coming out for sale this Friday, August 12th at 7pm EST!!! :shock:

Here are some pictures of what will be available:

There aren't a lot of these guys (only 18 total), so there's a limit of 1 per person.

All have:

-1 hand-cast head and 2 hand-cast hands (casting done by Spy Monkey Creations)
-Hand painted eyes, teeth, finger nails & toe nails
-Faux fur on their torsos that is sewn around them but can still be removed if desired
-1 Unique box designed to look just like a "real" Nilgobian Empire specimen shipping crate
-Other random surprises

Also, on the day of the release expect to see an exclusive Photo-Comic here on this blog and over on the OctoberToys.com forum continuing the Alien Mercenaries' hunt for the escaped Canne'boids!

Pics of the packaging coming tomorrow.


  1. How much is this guy? I like to get one!

  2. He was $30.00 + Shipping, I believe we sold out of all of them but I will be making more for a NYCC release.