Friday, September 2, 2011

In the words of Matt Doughty, the Canne'boids are GONZO!!

<------( I love this thing LoL)

Thanks to everyone for making my first release a really amazing one. It was hard to juggle the release, making the hand-sculpted parts for each figure, finish the 20+ panel photo comic in time for the release, work 12 and a 1/2 hours a day between 2 jobs AND still have time not to go bananas. Toss in a hurricane, loosing power for 36+ hours Post Offices with incorrectly posted operating hours and it all sounds like a typical release to me.

I could not have done this release without the love-of-my-life Beth whose mad skills at responding to e-mails, making spreadsheets to organize the orders AND make chainmail pieces for each canne'boid during all this madness never ceased to astound and amaze me. When all those order requests started coming in, she did her thing and handled it flawlessly. I love ya babe, thanks for putting up with all my wackiness for the past 4+ years ^_^.

I also thank my good friend Andrew Fuschetti whose insane love and knowledge of toys and paper-modeling was an invaluable asset to this project. Andrew was working on a box for one of my canne'boids secretly as a surprise for at least a month. It was fate when I realized I had no packaging for the release and mentioned this to Andrew who just-so-happened to have a canne'boid box 50% done. THAT was pure luck right there. Thanks a million buddy, you helped make this release great (you all should see the packaging we're working on for the next release, it'll knock your socks off!).

Also, none of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the awesome Jeremy Sung from Spy Monkey Creations and doing such a freakin' AMAZING job casting the canne'boid heads (some of those teeth are VERY pointy which surprised me as I thought they'd get pulled out in the molds). You made a dream come true for me dude, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent work you did.

I also would like to thank Matt Doughty for creating Glyos toys which gave my creativity an outlet to latch onto, for being an amazing human being, friend and all around outstanding bastard. If it weren't for all those piles of paint-covered parts from your first release that spawned the interchangeability of the Glyos line, the Canne'boids might not have been here today. I only hope that someday I will get to the same level you have in your toy making abilities, maybe even getting the canne'boids to the full production level.

Finally, I thank John Kent, you too had a hand in this although not as directly as the others mentioned above. Still, if it weren't for you being my sounding board on numerous ideas or just listening to me blather on & on about the release, I never would have learned what I've learned and made the choices I did. Whenever I had a doubt, a concern or a general worry, you'd somehow provide just the right amount of advice to help me out and for that I thank you.

All those mentioned played a part in making this release a reality, and for that I can't do more then give you my eternal thanks and a promise to keep doing what I do, improve on my flaws and strive to make each release I put out better then it's predecessor.

Here's to future releases with hopefully more canne'boids then you can shake a carnivorous flatworm at! I look forward to seeing everybody at New York Comic Con this October, it's sure to be an awesome time!

-Chris "Bah'glenn" Negri

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