Friday, September 9, 2011

New month = new blog header photo!

I really need to just sit down and make photos for each month in advance again. I did it last year for June, July & August though. This past August's picture was actually supposed to be the picture for JUNE, but due to delays with the Canne'boid release it got pushed back until August. July was just completely glanced over so I didn't want to miss September.

In this photo, we see Bramblespine and his pack attacking some Genedrone revolutionaries. I really like the gold seen with Matt's most recent release, it's an excellent compliment to any black pieces and this gobon just screams Destro's Despoiler or other G.I. Joe Iron Grenadier vehicles. I will be using the axis joints on Zee'jogg, the Planet Smasher as his maroon skin color should look good with gold (you can read his bio & see a head-shot of him HERE, just scroll down a little bit).

Also hard at work on the Canne'boids 2nd release which should be Halloween themed. I don't want to jinx myself and reveal to much too soon, so stay tuned to this blog and over on the forum HERE for more info as I decide to post it.

OH I almost forgot, if you look to the left of the Bah'glenn Creations logo in the header photo, there is a new size canne'boid which we call the Canne'myte. These have a vicious temperament to match their small stature. Will these become available for sale?? Only time shall tell...

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