Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The 1st of (hopefully) many Canne'pirates: Captain Spakk Jahroh!

"This is Spakk Jaroh, Captain of the Pirate ship, Dragon's Maw! and This is a warning going out to any of you stupid fools thinking about gettin in my way, like the Travelers & Glyaxia Command. I've set a course for the Glyos System and while me and my crew sail the spaceways: NO ONE is safe! If you're not wanting to go to an early grave you'll steer clear of the sights of my ship! Fly them colors lads, let'em know the Dragon's Maw's comin' for 'em! HA HA HA!"

Go check out my post (CLICK ME) on the October Toys forum for his full bio & photo gallery. I'll probably edit them into this post when I get home from work later. Enjoy!

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