Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The next two canne'pirates of the Dragon's Maw: One-Eye & Shark Hook

After creating Capt. Spakk Jahroh the other day, I've had canne'boid pirates on the brain (the canne'borg is on the back-burner right now, but one of my other canne'boids might need to be rebuilt- I have the technology) and set to work giving the good captain a crew.

Now, before I delve into the 2 new guys I have some back story: I've only been sculpting since late 2007/early 2008 BUT I've been drawing and creating characters since 1994-1995 with my old "Creature World" stories that took place on the planet Slauria (the planet where the canne'boids come from). Well back then I'd decided to make a team of pirates and created Captain Ang-grrrr to lead them. He was a mutated slaurian with a chip in his head that increased his strength when he became angry, but his crew was predominately made up of characters from non-Creature World stories of mine. But, amidst the re-used characters, there were 5-6 original pirates. So while thinking of ideas for new canne'pirates, I touched onto these older characters and "canne'boidized" them.

Original Drawings (circa the late 1990's):

One-Eye's one large eye was actually a doorway into another dimension where vicious creatures lived. He wore an eye-patch at all times to keep the doorway closed, but while in battle he'd often take the eye-patch off and call forth a monster to attack his foe. I'm not sure why I gave him 2 peg legs (feet?), maybe his original legs had gotten beaten off by the inter-dimensional creatures? o_O??

"Fishook/Shark Hook"

I remember drawing his while on vacation in New Hampshire in August of 1997. I liked the colorway & the name so much I later used them on a completely different character. With his original name & color now on another character, I re-designed him for canne'piracy.

New 2011 Canne'boidized Re-Designs

There are 3 more characters waiting to get sculpted up, but I might need more parts before I attempt that. They should be pretty awesome once I'm all said & done with them. I did draw out the build for one of them and it should prove to be a solid build when assembled.

Sculpted Canne'boidized Versions

One-Eye came out great in my opinion, it took me at least 4 tries until I finally got his head just right. The eye-patch sits snuggly on his eye & two teeth, but some fun-tack helps keep it from falling off. I gave him red fur as a homage to the black/red striped shirt the original character had

Shark Hook didn't get too much of an overhaul, he's a canne'shark and thus has the canne'boid underbite, scaley skin & fur. As a nod to the original Fishook's colorway, I chose green for his teeth & claws & I think it's a good contrast. Not sure if you can tell from the photos, but he actually has a few fish-hooks pierced through his tail, fin, nose & mouth. He came alright, but once I get some firmer sculpey I'll try making him a 2nd time.

I'll have full bios for both of these new canne'pirates probably by the afternoon tomorrow, baring any incident of course. Until then, I hope you enjoyed these new canne' all they need is a ship...

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