Monday, December 19, 2011

Cereblor: the Brain in the Jar

Visiting Matt Doughty & his awesome family last weekend was a blast for me & my girlfriend Beth. While there, Matt did a lot of amazing drawings of some of my creations including a veeery old one from back in the mid-to-late 1990's.

The character started out as just a brain in a jar who traveled with Sun'slyr (the prince of the Phosperonns) to Slauria to explore the world after it had been quarantined for two centuries. While there it was their job to retrieve the Gauntlet of Destruction and the Gauntlet of Protection that had been taken there by a criminal overlord known as Yarr'kon. Once there, Sun'slyr & Cereblor followed the path of destruction left by Gauntletz and the Bringers of Bloodshed (aka the 'Blood Lords'). Cereblor then used his cybernetics knowledge to re-animate the bodies of warriors killed by Gauntletz and add their ranks to their new team, the Sun Strikers.

Here's a drawing I did years ago based on artwork my friend made back then. It's the Sun Strikers main means of transportation while on Slauria & is currently being manned by 4 Sun Strikers & Cereblor.

(Top of Ship: Sleet
Inside Ship: Cyberslug, Stickle-Back & Cereblor
Underneath Ship: Tread)

Since then the Cereblor character has transformed into something more deep. With the help of my friend Doctor Kent, who provided a good chunk of the new Cereblor's backstory, we created a character who spanned decades of story and is almost responsible for the majority of crap happening in my universe.

For those of you who followed Alien Mercenaries, Cereblor is mentioned in it several times and is known there as Ce'Brorr, his name before become making his exo-suit and becoming a Bionic Living Organism (aka his name CereB.L.Or.). Actually, if you look at the computer monitor in episode #22 of the 1st season of Alien Mercenaries (the 1st panel of that episode) you'll see the computer system recognizing Greh'eck as the user "Ce'Brorr". In the 1st episode of season 2, Gr'owwlge mentions to Greh'eck how he was taken away from his family by a Prutarran Scouting Party & then awoke in a laboratory. Ce'Brorr was the one who ordered the scouting party to retrieve Gr'owwgle AND was in the lab when he came out of stasis briefly. He was abducted due to his abilities to sense and read auras in beings, but for what purpose ultimately will eventually be explained...

Original Drawing from 1996

Cereblor as drawn by Matt Doughty on December 11th 2011

The stories of Slauria are vast, and as a young teenager I drew at least 200 different characters. Some have found their ways into my current creations while others have yet to be revealed. Keep your eyes on this blog for more stuff about my Creature World stories as we enter the new year.


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