Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Next Canne'pirate: Rig'n!

This crew member is the mechanic & weapon maker for the Dragon's Maw. His original Creature World counter-part, 'Rigen', would swing from the rigging in the ship's sails (hence the name) and use his powerful pincer legs to catch & crush anyone who boarded the ship.

Here's an original drawing of that character:

I was going to give the canne'pirate the same pincer legs, but since the Dragon's Maw is a space pirate ship without any sails or rigging, I decided to alter his job on the ship. So instead of pincers he gets a second smaller pair of arms with hands so he can work on things while using his larger more powerful arms to swing around the inside of the ship. I had to give him some sort of pirate-themed accessory so I gave him a long striped cap to wear. I might turn it into a bandanna or doo-rag, but for now this works & brings some contrast to all the browns & tans on him.

Here's the sketch I did of him (bottom half of the page). The head sculpt I ended up doing came out differently then the sketch, almost simian or gorilla looking. Actually I think it works with the whole swinging around thing so it's not a bad change at all.


Final Sculpted version


(Showing the hands on his leg-arms)

There are still more canne'pirates to be made, I still have to make Lock'up the ship's living treasure chest & Ice'lasher the ship's interrogator & task-master. Should be fun to sculpt them.

Oh & in the meantime, head over to the October toys forum & check out pics of the canne'pirates riding around in a Playmobil Pirates dingy. It's not their actual space-age pirate ship but it will do in a pinch.


  1. Astonishing design and gorgeous execution! The crew is really shaping up!

  2. Thanks Charlie, you're too kind & I'm glad you like him. This crew is starting to get pretty big, if my count is correct by the time I finish sculpting all the drawings I did, Capt. Jahroh's crew will be 9-10 strong. O_O