Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beware of Lokk'up, the living treasure chest!!

This character was another of my original Creature World pirate characters that I gave the canne'boid treatment to. He was the last of the 5 that I re-designed back in November so he was a long time coming but I think he came out awesome.

Here's a drawing I did in the 90's of the original character back when he was named "Treasure Keep". Basically, the concept was making one of the pirates into a living treasure chest as who would be better to keep the captain's treasure safe then a tough-as-nails monster who stores the loot inside his body? I gave him eyes on stalks so he could always tell if someone was trying to sneak up on him.

Original Character drawing

Re-designed Canne'boid Sketch:

Basically, the re-designed character has the same job but now it's more direct. I gave him wood textured skin and gold teeth & claws (again a throw back to him being a living treasure chest) and decided on a dark brown sculpey to further give that wooden look. The character IS actually part wood as he ate a tree person and mutated the characteristics of wood, so trying to sneak up behind him & bash him on the head wouldn't be a good idea.

His job aboard the Dragon's Maw is to guard the treasure that he keeps inside him via a sub-dimensional pocket. Typically, it happens like this: when the canne'pirates board a ship, Lokk'up heads off on his own to find the treasure & literally smashes through anyone and anything in his path to get to it. Once there, he gobbles it up & then makes his way back to the ship. Whatever he ate & chose to not digest, gets shunted into that sub-dimensional pocket and he can regurgitate it later.

Since making those sketches back in November, I've draw sketches for another Creature World character-to-Canne'pirate in addition to 4 more canne'pirates, so Capt. Jahroh's crew is getting big REAL fast. One of the new ones has a head & fur, I just need to give him hands and feet, maybe tomorrow he'll be done- you'll just have to wait & see. ~_^

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