Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spy Monkey Creations Armory Packs = Shnoopin' Awesome

The fine folks over at Spy Monkey Creations were so incredibly generous to send me 2 sets in advance & even those some parts immediately went to upgrade Canne'borg, I was left with alot of extras to work with.

"After using some Venom Armory weapons to combat his armored canne'boid brethren, specifically Canne'borg (who used to be his former rival 'Crunchmouth'), he decided to upgrade his mechanical arm further with the mysterious weaponry. Their dark allure of power proving too tempting not to use, N'ykk's dark side was brought out in full causing him to shed his Glyaxia Command allegiances. His former Neo-Sincroid Commander, Kik'bek, joined the Secticore Tracker Unit to try and see if it's too late to un-corrupt him. The longer N'ykk uses the Venom weapons, the more his body assimilates into itself, so it is unknown if he can be saved, or even if he wants to be..."

I'm having a blast building with these things, I've already upgraded N'ykk like 3 times since I posted the new banner for the blog, and Canne'borg might be due for an upgrade too depending on what parts N'ykk is willing to spare. I can't make N'ykk any larger though, if I do he won't be able to fit in my pocket anymore. O_o I like the male/male zig-zag piece in this set as it is very useful in creating the illusion of N'ykk holding the axe when in reality it's attached to his wrist. His mechanical hand was made from 3 parts that can combine to form a robotic pelvis of sorts and it's also another great addition to this pack.

These things are the perfect addition to any Glyos builder, and I know $20 may sound expensive but you get a TON of parts to build with for that price, at least 42 I think. I'll have to order another set or two in different colors maybe for when (or IF....) N'ykk turns from the "dark side" but still wants to use Armory technology, not sure what color though, maybe the gun metal sets.

Thanks again to Jeremy from Spy Monkey Creations for the advance sets, I hope you guys did great in sales yesterday & can't wait to see what else you guys have coming down the pipe. We may need mechanical snake parts next, I'd love to build a articulated glyos snake or something similiar- plus if you combine a snake body with the hilt parts from the sword you could make some wicked Dr Octopus-like tentacles. O_O


  1. I just have to say that this might be the most badass Canne'boid you've made yet, thanks in part to the new parts. The fist can't hold the weapons, though?

  2. Thanks Roy, he'll be with me when I come to the city tomorrow so if you want an up close look at him he'll be in attendance.

    I need a larger drill bit to make the hand hole large enough to accommodate a Glyos peg, BUT without it you can still give it the illusion of him holding it by using those two zig-zag pieces. If anything, this way ensures he'll never drop the axe heh. :-D