Saturday, February 4, 2012

Welcome to February!

It's amazing how the simple act of taking ONE new photograph a month to make into the banner for the blog is so incredibly difficult. Last year I had banner photos for September, October, December, January, but nothing for Novemeber, February or March. Looking at last year's January banner (which has doubled as this years January banner...) I was amazed at how much snow we had then VS this year when there's been relatively little.

For February I wanted to do a new photo banner but couldn't find any Valentine's Day themes I'd like so I went with another theme: Spy Monkey Creations Armory sets! In the above photo we have my own canne'boid "N'ykk" (named as such due to him loosing his right hand while in battle at New York Comic Con last October) locked in deadly combat with Canne'borg, latest creation of the mad scientist canne'boid Baron Ivan Von Boidochevski. Also in the shot is the good Baron's first successful canne'stein and loyal patch-work assistant, Nikoliar Voktor.

Baron Boidochevski was the only surviving member of his pack after a bomb was accidentily detonated nearby. The bomb's radiation rapidly increased his intellectual capabilities to mad scientist levels, as well as allowing his body to emit low levels of radiation (i.e. he glows in the dark). Seeing as his pack was blown to bits he used his new-found genius to re-assemble them piece by piece....just not in the correct order.

Nikoliar's body may be put back together, but his mind is a little sketchy; he's a compulsive liar and it's virtually impossible for him to tell the truth much to the Baron's annoyance. Building him was alot of fun, and if you look you can see how he's been cobbled together from canne'boids of different sizes as well as colors; he has about 20 stitches in his head that I baked in the oven like tiny clay staples & then pushed them into his head one by one. Tedious yes, but very rewarding.

Canne'borg used to be the canne'boid known as Crunchmouth before being blown away by the ruthless armored canne'boid Gutshot. Baron Boidochevski proceeded to step 2 of his plan and utilized bionic implants to re-animate Crunchmouth, who now serves him as a loyal robot.

The names for the baron & his assistant were thought up with my good friend Nate Levy of the Average Intelligence podcast. We were texting back & forth about the custom glow in the dark canne'boid (who later became the baron) I'd just made for him. He commented on how it looks like a mad scientist and the what followed was a LOT of awesomeness. As he inspired the concept of a Frankenstein canne'boid and as the baron will need an assistant, the two 'boids will be leaving for Nate's glyos shelf within the week.

Thanks again buddy, it was a awesome time to make these. Now,what's next? ;-)

Stay tuned for some pictures of Spy Monkey weapon builds, probably within today give or take an hour or so.

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