Thursday, March 8, 2012

EMD Behemoth

With all the Glyocity talk and teaser images going on over at the Glyos blog, I decided to quit playing it safe with my vinyl Glyos stuff and just go for broke. The EMD Behemoth is the result of this:

"The EMD Behemoth is a variation of the Rig Squadron's 'Big Rig' but is used more as a heavily armored transport vehicle that can carry at least 6 glyans into battle. It can reconfigure itself into a battle outpost and into a Power-Arm Rig that uses it's twin Phase Blockers to knock back enemies 100 feet away. Gorrrg the Hunter serves as the strong-man for the EMD unit and drives the Behemoth when not on his Rig Hopper."

Cane: "Now the Genedrone revolution won't know what hit them."


(Power-Arm Rig Mode)

(Battle Outpost Mode)

I'm excited about the Glyocity parts coming out, they certainly sound like pieces that can expand what I've built here. Awesome stuff. :-D


  1. Very cool! I have a question about the circles on the bottom of the Rig's feet--those looked to me like they were a bit smaller than the circles on the Block--do I need to measure and cut more than the circle, or will the parts peg in properly even though the circle is smaller?

    1. I saw that too and was hesitant to try cutting into it, but figured what the heck as the bottoms of the feet don't get seen as much. I followed Matt's advice on customizing the vinyl parts by taking the whole leg section of the Rig, heating it up under a lamp until it's soft and then cutting into it with a really sharp exacto knife. Then, while it was still soft, I just pegged in my parts & it fit fine. The fit is a little snug but better too snug then too loose. Hope that helps answer your question?

    2. That is a huge help, thank you!

      I've already cut my blocks, and now that I have the benefit of your insight, I'm ready to cut into one of my Rigs. Thanks again!

      BTW, in my haste to ask you my customizing question, I forgot to mention the Battle Outpost Mode that you came up with is awesome!

  2. That looks great! Awesome to see all the parts being used in different ways. :)

    1. Thanks Seraph, all the Glyocity talk on the blog just got me in the creative mood to try and make something withe the vinyl parts I had on hand. I might disassemble it later on, but that's the cool part about Glyos: if you take it apart, you can always re-assemble it. :D