Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rubik's Snake + a Glyanaut = ???

After watching everything unfold over on the Glyos blog with the new "Tri Hub Wedge" vinyl set coming out on Friday, I finally lost it and made a white/blue Glyanaut to hang out inside my Rubik's Snake. Here are some photos to give you all an idea on what you can make with these Tri Hub Wedges or with a rubik's snake if you have one.

Rubik Runner

"Hover platform mode to carry a Glyanaut and a pair of passengers or some cargo over any terrain."

Rubik Shield Generator

"Converting to a Energy Shield generator, the Glyanauts are protected from meteor showers or any hostile aliens located in the Zorennor sector of space."

Rubik Hover'oid

"For a more heavily armored vehicle and with more maneuverability then the Rubik Runner, the Rubik Hover'oid is perfect for 1 Glyanaut to get in an out of a hostile area- and FAST."

Now, keep in mind that the Glyos Tri Hub Wedges have 3 connection points on them, so every large flat area you see on the Rubik's Snake (aka the Rubik's Twist) will be able to have a switch-pin attached or another small-peg vinyl part. So the customize-ability of these wedges is limited only by your imagination. I'm super excited for these things and can't wait to get a bunch of them to build with.

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