Saturday, July 11, 2009

Latest Project- Part 1

I'd been trying to build another "Armored Stranger" (real name to be revealed at some point in the Alien Mercenaries story) with my Grim Squad blue parts, but it just didn't feel "right". So I dismantled it & started work on something else. I like playing with the Glyos scale, namely combining multiple figures together to make larger creations (i.e. Monstrokk & Rott'n'dekae), and I'd had a thought: why not do a quadraped instead of a biped??

After a few minutes of trying to get the look juuust right, these pictures are the end result. This might end up just being the "skeleton" for it, with the actual finished project having fur or some sort of cloth sewn around it. I need to sculpt it 4 feet & the head, so there's much to do. Will post pictures as I'm working on them. If it matches what it looks like in my head, it'll be really awesome. ^_^

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