Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Alien Mercenaries episodes ARE coming

Hey guys! I bet the few of you who read Alien Mercenaries are wondering where Episode #19 is? Well, it'll be up soonish, HOPEFULLY by this afternoon if I can stay on top of getting it done. Last night I was just too tired to get anything completed & then after I crashed, got woken up by my stomach & that kept me up longer then I'd wanted to. BUT, I feel alright today so I'm going to finish scripting Episode #19 and get it up ASAP.

NEWS!: Season 1 of Alien Mercenaries is drawing to a close, this week coming up will be the last 3 episodes of the season (20, 21 & 22). Season 2 will probably start in September, if not a little earlier (depending on how things work out with timing & what not). Inbetween that time, there will be some photo comics here on the blog that have to focus on other characters in the Alien Mercenaries universe. Expect to see the 1st one starring Monstrokk during the week of July 26th.

That's all for now, stay tuned for more blog updates & fun stuff like that. :-D

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