Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Seeing as I'm up with my stomach bothering me, I figured I'd post something new. Just finished working on this today, and I'm really very pleased with how it came out. I'd had a thought about doing a figure in this color-scheme but just recently got the figures for it today.

So, here's my newest custom!

Rott'n'dekae "Skeletal Devourer of Life"

"Rott'n'dekae exists only to extinguish life in all forms. He is walking death, and brings it to anyone he comes in contact with; forests turn to deserts, streams turn to dust and towns become vacant as he passes through them. His bite is powerful and capable of draining an victim's entire life-force in a matter of moments. He can then choose to animate them as his minions to do his bidding. The Prutarran government has put multiple bounties on his head, but even the bravest bounty hunters don't dare try to collect it. So dangerous is Rott'n'dekae, that even the destructive creature known as Monstrokk knows well enough to not cross paths with him. Multiple attempts at destroying him have proved pointless, for how can you take life away from something that is completely devoid of it?"

(NOTE: You can click on any image to expand it into a larger window)

Draing the life from a Buildman

Slightly Different angle of Draining a Buildman

Buildman drained of life with a skull head

Re-Animated Skull Headed Life-Drained Buildman! O_O!!

(Yes, Playmobil skeleton heads apparently are Glyos compatible. WOOT! Time for Skeleton warriors in Glyos armor! This guy has a Buildman neck piece for a neck, which works. I may need to give him a white-neck piece if I plan on making more of these skeleton guys...)

This guy (named pronounced "Rott-En-Decay") is a homage to a number of different toylines, but most notably the Inhumanoids & Skeleton warriors. I wanted to create a character that was kinda like D.Compose, but not a 100% rip-off of him. His head sculpt is vaguely reminiscent of Dr. Herman Mangler, aka Nightcrawler from the Inhumanoids cartoon show, as that look was very creepy too. I like that he doesn't have a lower jaw, no eyes and a very life-less look to him. To construct his head, I originally was going to use a mix of sculpey, but the colors didn't come out right. I had Glow-In-the-Dark sculpey that matches the color of the body perfectly AND has the added bonus of glowing in the dark so it can scare the bejebus outta me when I want up in the middle of the night. I left his eye-sockets empty but I may paint them black at some point, so they'll show up more when his head is glowing. I added the tattered pieces of cloth to complete the shambling un-dead horror look & I think it works pretty well. I may need at least 1-2 more Grim Squad Buildmen though to balance out some parts, but for right now I think he's pretty awesome.

On a side-note, posting pictures on blogspot = extremely annoying. I started this post like 40 mintutes ago & only completed it now LoL.

More stuff to come, including a special 1-Shot, 30+ panel photo-comic starring Monstrokk and some poor, poor Buildmen troopers who odds are don't stand a chance (i.e.: they gonna die). Stay tuned to this blog for updates!

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  1. Chris, this is one wicked and evil looking dead dude!! Preston my 8 year old said if he shows up in teh comic, everyone will be dead! (and he just added unless you make another guy stronger than him)

    Nice work, he is I think your best (spookiest) custom yet.