Sunday, July 12, 2009

Latest Project- Part 3

I got called into work early today, I didn't have time to take pictures this morning, so here they are now. Basically, this is the "fur" of the creature and I'm pretty pleased with how it looks (more accessories to complete the character's look will be added to it later).I had actually started sewing the suit last night, went to sleep and finished this morning. I was really worried I'd screw up the dimensions of the suit, but it fits just fine.

What this custom actually is will be revealed in an upcoming episode of Alien Mercenaries. Oooo suspense! :-D It's funny, I look at this guy & I see one of the Gnarlies from Tonka's old Rock Lords toyline. I had those toys as a kid, maybe I should give sculpting a gnarlie or two a shot? o.O?


  1. Chris, this guy looks so great, I am in awe of your talent you keep getting better and better! Preston really likes him and can't wait to see him in the comic!! Keep it up!

  2. On a side note my son just said he thinks this should be Rott'n'Dekae's "little pony" I hope you are laughing as much as I am!!

  3. LOL, now that gives me an idea to give Rott'n'Dekae a skeletal steed of some kind. Glad you all liked this guy, you'll get to see more of him in season 2. ^_^