Friday, July 10, 2009

Old-School pics of Hurneff & Bore'okk

Thought I'd share these old pictures I took of the two heads that would eventually become Hurneff & Bore'okk from the Alien Mercenaries photo comic. It's funny (at least to me) to see these characters like this, when I've become so accustomed to them with their current looks. I should show you guys a picture with Bore'okk with his Ninjarran assassin's cloak off, he looks really...naked LoL. Any ways...onto the pictures! They're kinda small, but expand to a bigger window when you click on them.

First picture is a close-up shot of Hurneff on what would later be used for Greh'eck's body. I didn't have a body for him when I made this head, so he just kinda stayed on this one for a little while until I had a better one ready. After this, he's been on the same body for you see him on in the photo comic.

Here is Hurneff & Bore'okk hanging out. I dunno WHY I ever put that weird hood on Bore'okk's head. Everytime I look at it in these pictures, it just looks extremely goofy and silly. The body he's on in this shot was later re-configured for a different character for another project, but even that body would probably get re-configured into something else when I get more parts in the needed colors.

Hurneff & Bore'okk scaleing the side of this giant rock near my job (I showed some pictures of a Buildman on it back in the Nature Shots thread on the Glyos Forums). I'd take some more shots, but that area has become SO over grown with vegetation this time of the year, it's insane. It litterally doesn't look at all like the same place anymore (actually, the picture of Sarvos with a giant moth in the Nature Shots thread was taken on that rock now, to give you an idea of how much of it has changed).

New custom character picture(s) coming soon, just have to work on their bodies as they're not looking "right" to me just yet. Maybe later on tonight they'll be done, or tomarrow. Now to go shoot the rest of Alien Mercenaries Season 1 LoL.

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