Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Header Banner & Alien Mercenaries Episode #17!

Two new things!:

1) I decided to make the blog look a little shnazzier, so I made a customized Header Banner for it. I like the concept of group fighting pictures where you see a bunch of different characters just having a huge brawl (kind of like on the old Masters of the Universe posters). I'd have made the brawl larger, but my space to take photos in isn't that big. I might do another, cooler one at some point in the future and have ALL my cutsoms in it (although by the time I do that, it might be too big to shoot again LoL). Lemme know what you guys think. :-)

2) Alien Mercenaries Episode #17 is now up on the forums. I'm thinking Season 1 will have about 20 episodes in it, so we're winding down towards then end of it. The end will be pretty interesting, with some twists here and there- I think people will enjoy it. ^_^

After season 1 is over, there will be some one-shot stories with other characters I've made to give them a chance in the spotlight. I like the idea of doing little 20-to-30 panel 1-shot photo comics as it reminds me of the old Masters of the Universe mini-comics; small enclosed story featureing one or two characters. This first one will be with Monstrokk as I re-designed him and wanted to make a photo comic to explain/showcase his new form. It came out pretty cool, and I think you guys will really dig it.

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