Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two New Creations!

The other night I was going through my buildman parts to try & see what I could make with them. I cobbled together 2 different bodies & then set to the task of creating matching heads for them. The first head was based off a drawing I'd done a little while ago, but the end result didn't match it 100%. It still came out GREAT though IMO. As for WHO he is, I don't really know just yet. Don't be surprised if you see him in Alien Mercenaries or in a mini-comic at some point though.

Shooting blasters

I liked the idea of a character that could combine two smaller weapons to make one larger one,so when extra fire-power is called for, the two blasters can combine.

This second head design I pulled out of no where, but as I was sculpting it, I was trying to give it a fishy look. I also was trying to match the color scheme to the body, so I went with a sort of evil, nocturnal fish guy...with 4 arms. The 4 arms just sorta came into play while I was building with the parts, they originally had big cannons on the 2nd pair, but I opted for hands as this makes him less top-heavy.

So this fishy guy may also appear in SOME form of photo comic of mine, what comic will depend on some things. I need to refine his arms a bit more, but I'm waiting until the new Glyos stuff drops before I make another phase arm order (I need a few more black ones to round him out better). Name I'm not sure of, but when I work on his character a bit more, it will be cool I'm sure. :-D


  1. Ooooo! I think I like these guys the best! Especially the first guy... I love masks!

    Great work as always... you make customs fun!

  2. These guys are soooo cool!! How come you never posted at in the forums? or did you and I just missed them? I love both of them they are fantastic!!! Great work!!

  3. Glad you all like them so much. :-D The feedbacks is always appreciated. As for why I've not posted them in the forums, I've been trying to get more stuff up on the blog, but I may post a custom or two in the forums at some point too.