Saturday, November 7, 2009

Alien Mercenaries Season 2: Episode 25 is here!

Hey gang, so sorry for the delay inbetween episodes 24 and 25. I kept trying to go outside to do a photo shoot but each time I had a day off, AND time to go outside, it was raining like crazy. OR it had rained like crazy the night before and everything outside was soaked. This past Tuesday I had a free 3 hours and managed to shoot episodes 25 & 26 (so expect 26 sometime this week most likely), with hopefully 27 and 28 getting shot today as the weather is nice again.

This being the 25th episode of Alien Mercenaries is an important milestone for me, as this photo-comic is the LONGEST run photo-comic I've ever made. I actually made several photo-comics over the years, but never really showed them to anyone aside from a few friends. Back then, if I made 2 episodes consecutively it was an accomplishment, so seeing 25 of them done is mind-blowing to me. Thanks again to everyone who's been reading it for all this time and I can't wait to see how I've taken the story by the time we're at episode 50!

So, without further time-wasting, read on true believers and I hope you enjoy it!

Okay, so this episode was a bit of a change for the strip & I'll tell you what happened to bump it 3 months into the future:

Back in July, I shot the 4-part season finale and episode 24 all at the same time. After that task was completed, I was exhausted mentally and took a break for the remainder of the summer & put out the Monstrokk Hunters mini-series as a way to fill the gap from July to September. With moving my fiancee back up from Florida, finding and then moving into our first apartment, bad weather AND working didn't give me much free time to shoot more episodes of season 2.

So, as time marched forward, my parent's backyard (the set that Alien Mercenaries takes place in...although you might not ever know it from their perspective) changed a bit. The landing site where the Alien Mercenaries first landed had become largely over-grown and everytime I looked at the first/second episodes and looked at that patch of land it amazed me what could change in a few months. So, now that things looked so different I started thinking of how to get the next season to make I decided to fast-forward time a bit.

With three months past, SO much has changed in the lives of the Alien Mercenaries. Greh'eck, Gr'owwgle and the little yellow creature (whose name will be revealed soon, stay tuned..) have tried a few dozen times to get into the P.M.P., but often met with failure. Greh'eck has had the shnoop kicked outta him, as is evident by the damage done to his face (heck, I think he even has 1 or 2 chipped/broken teeth now). In addition to this, he's now the de-fault "leader" of the AM's and that's not a responsibility he wants in the slightest. So, as it's been forced upon him he's growing more and more frustrated with how his plans keep going wrong and nothing seems to be going right for them. They're alive as Men'tohst doesn't view them as a viable threat, but hurting bad. These next few episodes are going to be interesting as we see more and more what has changed in the time that's passed.

Stay tuned to the forums and this blog for when episode 26 goes up, as it should be a cool one (especially the ending). ;-)