Thursday, October 27, 2011

NYCC Halloween Exclusives are LIVE!!

The last bits of the NYCC Halloween Exclusive Canne'boid wave is now available for purchase!! Just send an e-mail to me at and specify which one canne'boid you would like. We only have a few left to pick from:


Each Canne'punk is $30.00 and comes with real metal chains around their wrists, a box and bio card. Their leader Spykkbite is also available for sale at $65.00.

Electrical Canne'boids

Each Electrical Canne'boid is $30.00 and comes with a box and bio card. Their color yellow goes well with the new Glyaxia command Yellow Axis joints on sale at


Each Canne'tricker is $30.00 and comes with a cardboard miniature Halloween mask for the canne'tricker to wear, a box and bio card.

Happy Halloween everybody!


NYCC Halloween Exclusives go up for sale tonight!

The remaining NYCC Halloween Exclusive Canne'boids will be going up for sale at 6:30pm EST this afternoon/evening. There really aren't many left so this isn't a full release, more of a "if-you-didn't-go-to-NYCC-now-you-can-buy-them" kind of release.

Also, since I have so few of these left I'm going to have to limit them to 1 per person. There will be more canne'boids coming in the future, I have a few things in the works, so we'll have to see what we can put together. I don't like to talk about upcoming releases until I have finished products to show. This way I don't get bummed out when I can't release something, and you all get bummed out because you can't own that something. I'm working on a few sculpts now and they're shaping up to be pretty cool. I'll see if I can post teaser pictures when I get enough of it done.

Stay tuned here & on the forum for the drop!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bah'glenn Creations: Post NYCC

The con was a freaking BLAST this year. Beth & I had a ton of fun and we both extend our sincerest thanks to Matt Doughty & Co for again allowing us crash-space at their booth, in addition to letting us sell some Canne'boids there. It was great to meet so many forum members in person, as well as speak with new customers who were just getting into canne'boids & Glyos due to seeing them for the first time at the show.

We still have some Canne'boids left for sale which should be going up for sale via my account in the next day or so. We're going to try using this method as it reduces the work my GF Beth has to do and allows the customer to pick exactly which canne'boid they want.

My thanks also goes out to Phil Reed over at for posting some photos of the canne'boids during NYCC including an exclusive first-look photo of the Canne'lanturn head sculpt. I had planned on selling some hand-sculpted canne'lanturns at the con but due to time constraints and not feeling that they came out 100% right, I held back on them. The head on the far right should be the final head-sculpt, but I might take another crack at it to see if I can't make it even better. Even though Halloween will odds are be over by the time that head-sculpt get's cast and available for sale, I'll still release it anyway so people won't have to wait until next year to buy it.

Okay, now to pass-out as I'm still not 100% fully recovered from this past weekend. I look forward to Friday when I'm off of work and able to sleep late...


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Comic Con 2010 Exclusive: Now Online!

First day of NYCC was a blast! It's so awesome to see everyone again since last year, almost like a "Glyos Family Reunion". Sold some canne'boids, but we'll see how they sell tomorrow & into Sunday (those Arctic guys are going quick- I only have 2 of the 4 left! O_O). Whatever isn't sold will be online for anyone interested.

Anywho, I figure as a sort of non-con exclusive for all the people who won't be at NYCC this weekend that I'd do something special for them. Since I ran out of last year's "Alien Mercenaries Fall Special" comic book, I am going to post it here for you all to read. In addition to that, I'm showing a brief 7-panel comic with shots taken at New York Comic Con 2010 that are being shown online for the first time!

I hope you all like it, and for those that never read the original comic you're in for a treat.

(November i.e. October 2011. I really am terrible at sticking to schedules...-Bah'glenn)

Now to go to sleep, wake up in...ugh 2-to-3 hours and go back to the con for another day of wackiness. I will see everyone there tomorrow!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NYCC Canne'boids Sneak Peek #3- Canne'geist & Packaging!

My friend Andrew & I sat down on August 23rd and threw some ideas around regarding the packaging for NYCC. I wanted to make this release Halloween themed as having NYCC in October is just prime territory for spooky glyos toys. So, Andrew worked out this doodle of the packaging concept:

I took that sketch, went on my old iMac and drew the following box over his original template, got it printed at Staples and this box is the result. We wanted the box to look like an old Halloween scene, so the whole box depicts this. Once this idea was created, we had a problem: if it's a scene, how do we have the canne'boid look out of the box?? Then, Andrew came up with the brilliant idea of having a crumbling brick-wall with a hole in the center of it for the canne'boid to peak out of. Here's some shots of it, check it out:

The box was a blast to make, and we're already thinking about the design for the next release. We hope everyone who gets one enjoys it.

Next is a picture of one of the Canne'geists, Beth did a top-notch job painting the teeth & eyes on this head, it almost looks like I made it out of sculpey. You probably can't see it, but around the eyes is glow-in-the-dark paint that frames the eyes adding an eerie glow when put under the light. I tried to show this in the 2nd photo, but I don't think it's very visible. :?

More pics coming soon as we count down the hours until NYCC. This will be my first con selling my toys, so here's hoping the furry little buggers sell well. ^_^


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NYCC Canne'boids Sneak Peek #2- Canne'bats & Arctic Canne'boids!

Each Arctic Canne'boid & Canne'bat have hand-sculpted, one-of-a-kind heads. The arctic canne'boids have cast resin hands. Some quick pics:

Arctic Canne'boids-Cryo'nokk Pack
"Cryo'nokk is an alpha canne'boid whose territory consists of the cold northern mountains of Slauria. His pack are suitably adept at living in an arctic environment; they are immune to cold and a can never freeze to death. Their tusks are harder then diamond and rarely break, enabling them to stab into prey and bleed them out onto the snow. Cryo'nokk fears nothing, except the insane canne'boid called Gnarrltooth."


More photos of the rest of the NYCC release coming soon!


Monday, October 10, 2011

List of Canne'boids for NYCC!! O_O

Okay, here's the run-down on what I should have at the show:

x6 "Canne'geists"- (Ghost-like Canne'boids) Neon green cast canne'boid heads & hands, on a GitD body with white fur.

x6 "Canne'punks"- (1980's Style Punker Canne'boids) Dark purple cast canne'boid heads & hands on a black body with GitD arms/legs. Each have mulitple colors painted onto each finger nail & will have real metal chains on them made by my GF Beth. Their fur is also multi-colored as the canne'punks all dye their fur in different colors.

x6 Yellow Canne'boids- (Electrikill Pack)- Yellow cast canne'boid heads & hands on a black body with red fur. These canne'boids aren't Halloween related, they're just the pack members for Electrikill, an Alpha Canne'boid with electrical powers.

x6 "Canne'Trickers"- (Trick or Treater style canne'boids)- Dark/Light Orange cast heads & hands on a GitD body with black arms/legs & black fur. Each one will come with a tiny cardboard mask for them to wear while out rounding up candy.

x3 "Canne'Bats"- These have hand-sculpted heads on a buildman body with black cloth wings and a dark brown fur. Each have GitD eyes and white painted toenails.

x4 "Arctic Canne'boids"- Each canne'boid has cast white hands with metallic purple fingernails, but each of their heads are hand-sculpted & original. All have eyes that GitD blue and pearl colored teeth and white fur.

There should also be some stuff available online after the con as I ran out of bodies & the Canne'Lanturns (canne'boids that are part jack o'lanturn) got bumped out of the NYCC release. Pictures are coming soon, I'll show off the Canne'bats & Arctic Canne'boids first as they're 100% done, so stay tuned. :shock: