Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NYCC Canne'boids Sneak Peek #3- Canne'geist & Packaging!

My friend Andrew & I sat down on August 23rd and threw some ideas around regarding the packaging for NYCC. I wanted to make this release Halloween themed as having NYCC in October is just prime territory for spooky glyos toys. So, Andrew worked out this doodle of the packaging concept:

I took that sketch, went on my old iMac and drew the following box over his original template, got it printed at Staples and this box is the result. We wanted the box to look like an old Halloween scene, so the whole box depicts this. Once this idea was created, we had a problem: if it's a scene, how do we have the canne'boid look out of the box?? Then, Andrew came up with the brilliant idea of having a crumbling brick-wall with a hole in the center of it for the canne'boid to peak out of. Here's some shots of it, check it out:

The box was a blast to make, and we're already thinking about the design for the next release. We hope everyone who gets one enjoys it.

Next is a picture of one of the Canne'geists, Beth did a top-notch job painting the teeth & eyes on this head, it almost looks like I made it out of sculpey. You probably can't see it, but around the eyes is glow-in-the-dark paint that frames the eyes adding an eerie glow when put under the light. I tried to show this in the 2nd photo, but I don't think it's very visible. :?

More pics coming soon as we count down the hours until NYCC. This will be my first con selling my toys, so here's hoping the furry little buggers sell well. ^_^


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