Monday, October 10, 2011

List of Canne'boids for NYCC!! O_O

Okay, here's the run-down on what I should have at the show:

x6 "Canne'geists"- (Ghost-like Canne'boids) Neon green cast canne'boid heads & hands, on a GitD body with white fur.

x6 "Canne'punks"- (1980's Style Punker Canne'boids) Dark purple cast canne'boid heads & hands on a black body with GitD arms/legs. Each have mulitple colors painted onto each finger nail & will have real metal chains on them made by my GF Beth. Their fur is also multi-colored as the canne'punks all dye their fur in different colors.

x6 Yellow Canne'boids- (Electrikill Pack)- Yellow cast canne'boid heads & hands on a black body with red fur. These canne'boids aren't Halloween related, they're just the pack members for Electrikill, an Alpha Canne'boid with electrical powers.

x6 "Canne'Trickers"- (Trick or Treater style canne'boids)- Dark/Light Orange cast heads & hands on a GitD body with black arms/legs & black fur. Each one will come with a tiny cardboard mask for them to wear while out rounding up candy.

x3 "Canne'Bats"- These have hand-sculpted heads on a buildman body with black cloth wings and a dark brown fur. Each have GitD eyes and white painted toenails.

x4 "Arctic Canne'boids"- Each canne'boid has cast white hands with metallic purple fingernails, but each of their heads are hand-sculpted & original. All have eyes that GitD blue and pearl colored teeth and white fur.

There should also be some stuff available online after the con as I ran out of bodies & the Canne'Lanturns (canne'boids that are part jack o'lanturn) got bumped out of the NYCC release. Pictures are coming soon, I'll show off the Canne'bats & Arctic Canne'boids first as they're 100% done, so stay tuned. :shock:


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