Friday, January 21, 2011

Alien Mercenaries Season 2- Episode #32!

Sorry for the slight delay, this episode should have been up here on the blog on Wednesday but some delays in getting Episode #33 up on the forum resulted in this going up later then normal. Hmm...maybe I should just pre-program the blog to post these episodes automatically...

Okay, enjoy guys!

Hmmm...Tri'bahl has some anger issues to deal with apparently..or is it something from his past that he's remembering?? More will be revealed in time. Tune back in another two weeks for episode #33 of Alien Mercenaries Season 2.

After that episode airs, I will be posting the pilot episode to Commander Grott & the Prutarran Criminal Catchers photo comic over on the October toys forum. It has a minimum of 50 photos in it, so expect the pilot to be split up into 4-to-5 parts. It's a pretty epic episode with lots of action shots. It also shows a bunch of custom characters you've all seen in the custom threads before (click HERE to see a blog post with their bios) but now they're showing up in photo-comic form for the first time. I've been working on some of the special-effects and it's gonna be a SWEET ride.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Alien Mercenaries Season 2- Episode #31!

Okay, with Episode #32 just posted on the forum here comes episode #31. This episode was fun to shoot and I hope all you Rocks & Bugs & Things fans get a kick out of it. Special thanks goes out to DoctorKent for lending me some of his Mordles for use in this episode, you rock Doc! Now, onto our latest episode "The Origin of 'Smiley'"!

Episode #32 will be up here in 2 weeks, so stay tuned to read it...or if you can't wait just go to the message boards and you can read it early. Take care!