Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays from Bah'glenn Creations!!

Happy Holidays to everyone out there in reader-land. Here's a BIG group shot of alot of my custom figures. Some are never before seen, others are newer versions of older customs. How many can YOU identify? O_o

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everybody!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Alien Mercenaries Season 2: Episode 26 starts right NOW

Hey guys, sorry for the delay again (I really need to try & set up a steady schedule for Alien Mercenaries), here's Episode #26 of Alien Mercenaries Season 2. I hope it was worth the wait, as it proves to be a cool one with some new things to look at.

Haven't shot anymore episodes yet, but plan on it once I A) have more free time & B) all 2 feet of snow melts away from my set (accursed random snow-storms!). Until then, I'll be posting more pics of new creations I've made, as well as misc. other things to fill the time between episodes. Take care gang!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

New inhabitants from the planet Holi'daz: the Ecks'mss Region!

Back in late August, I'd gotten my newest order of Glyos stuff, and set to building some new guys with the parts at my disposal. The Halso Buildman I got (I'd have preferred to have bought two, but that extra $8 went towards an Armodoc which was very much worth the purchase) immediately went towords making this new race from the planet Holi'daz. As I didn't want him to be without troops, and had just gotten a bunch of white Buildmen Genedrones, I gave him two troops. So, from the Ecks'mss region on the planet Holi'daz, come a Treeza Commander with two Snw'mnn troopers:

Treeza ('Tree-zah'): "The Treeza are plant like beings whose heads bare a slight resemblance to pine trees. They are typically of very solid builds and stand a foot or so taller then the average individual. Functioning as the leaders & center-pieces in many Ecks'mss armies, so you'll see at least 1 per unit directing the troops in their command. They live for centuries, are immune to the damaging effects of cold weather, possess incredible strength & are very hard to kill. During large battles with their ancient rivals, the Jkk'Olurntrns from the Hallow'Een region, a treeza commander will often be the only survivor to their regiment, fighting until the end. Weapon preferences are large blunt weapons such as clubs or morning-stars, or even just their bare fists. Seeing a Treeza wading through a wave of enemy troops, tossing them around like rag-dolls is not entirely an uncommon sight. "

Snoo'mn ('Snew-men'): "As every army needs crazy, easily created/expendable troops, the Ecks'mss region has the Snw'mn. These beings are snow given sentience & possess great physical strength & resistance to damage. While in cold/arctic regions, they can re-form themselves after seemingly being destroyed to continue fighting. They are able to survive in more temperate/warmer climates, but if killed there, they'll truly be dead. They usually travel in teams of 2 or 4 & never speak, communicating with each other through facial expressions & hand gestures. Their silence on the battle field often sends chills through enemy warriors, who can never be sure exactly what their battle plan is. The only race they tend to fear, are the Bunn'e warriors from the Eas'tarr region who have a penchant for eating their carrot noses. "

"Ah've been fightin' them Ecks'mss guys fer years now, and everytime I run into the battlefield those Snow-heads still freak me right the shnoop out....and I come from one of the scariest regions on all of Holi'daz!"- Slack Jaw, Jkk'Olurntrn soldier for the Hallow'Een region

Their looks have changed slightly since I took this picture back in August, and the Treeza Commander actually has some red parts now & a red cloak (I'll post pictures of that in this post once I'm home & can take pictures of them). Currently there are only these 2 races in the Ecks'mss region, but more will probably be "discovered" (i.e. created & added by me) at some future time.

I like toys that are fun, and wackiness is always fun if done right. ^_^