Friday, June 8, 2018

Updates! What is the status of this Blog??!?!?

Okay, unbeknownst to me until recently, this blog is full of missing images due to Photobucket gltiching out or changing their polices for free accounts. Hence 95% of the images in this blog are just not there anymore. The process of restoring a hundred or so entries will take time BUT we have an actual website now over at (how have I NEVER made a blog post about this in all these years????) where a lot of the photo comics are starting to appear.

New resin projects from us ARE finally in the works though which is a great feeling after being stagnant for roughly 5 years. So stay tuned over on our website for updates as I get them. Unlike our last snafu, I am revealing nothing until I get resin castings in my hands.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

We're BACK! Wait, when did we leave??

Okay, so things have been going a bit rough over aboard the U.S.S. Bah'glenn Creations over the last few years. Our inventory leftover after the 2013 New York Comic Con has continued to dwindle and now we have very little left to sell. Numerous attempts to re-start our resin custom operation has fallen on it's face multiple times due to unforeseen errors and it's not be fun.

Right now, Bah'glenn Creations still wants to bring you new and fun creations of ours, but using resin casting to do so just is not in the cards anymore. We're perusing other avenues such as 3-D Printing, but even that is not definite as of this writing. I have been sewing some plushies up, so maybe I'll try that soon. The toys for us are just really very much in flux right now, unfortunately.

So, what does this mean for Bah'glenn Creations and you, the consumer? Well we've been diligently working behind the scenes on the completion of a Role-Playing Game, something I've been toying around with since at least 2003. It has gone through countless renovations between then and now, but it's final form is exactly what I was hoping for all those years ago.

This Role-Playing Game will be a physical book, not a video game (at least, not yet- who knows what the future holds?) and we're hoping to have out before the fall. Think August or September if things go well and there are no more hiccups (plllleeease no more hiccups...). I will not reveal too much about it until the book is finished and in my hands, such as the name and other misc. things, but you will be able to use any toys (action figures, figurines, vinyl toys, plushies, etc.) you have handy, create game stats and use them in this game.

We've been play testing it for quite awhile and the concept is fun, the rules are light (but still engaging enough for the non-casual gamer) and it does not take forever to play or learn. We do not want to follow the trend of gigantic, 300+ page textbook-like rule books that RPGs seemed to have adopted over the decades, we want it to be a sign of something new and from what we've learned from the people we've shown it to, it's something that people have very much been looking for.

It's coming along, slowly but surely, and I hope to have more to show you as the days/weeks go on. Maybe we'll have some teaser artwork from the game to share, keep your eyes peeled here & over on Facebook for more info, we can't wait to show it to you. ^_^

Friday, June 7, 2013

9 months?!? Time for an Update!!

Wow, I really haven't updated here in a while. It's scary to think that someone could have had a baby in the time it's taken me to post an update. That's NINE MONTHS without so much as a peep out of this blog. Let me try to explain why:

Between now and NYCC 2012 when we had our first Ston'emm release, we've been VERY busy. Our 3 year old cat Whedon died very unexpectedly about 4 days before Halloween & the day before Hurricane Sandy hit us here on Long Island. So, it was just a huge disruption in everything we had planned for the Ston'emm and future releases.

Things were calmer, but still sad around our house due to our loss but we marched onwards as best we could. February we attended Toy Fair 2013 and that blizzard hit us causing further set backs. Plus, immediately after Toy Fair, we had to move out of our apartment of 3 years and scramble to find a new one. Luckily, we did and now we're all moved in with our good friend & collaborative artist Dex Antares in a really nice apartment. 

After that insanity was dealt with things finally started to settle down & we began work on our toy line again. We've actually launched our own website over at and will be moving everything from this blog over to our new site. It's taking a little while as it's about 4 years worth of postings AND Google deleted all my images so now I have to rebuilt it from the ground up. 

*le sigh*.

So this should (in theory) be one of the last times I post on this blog. We've had a good run here, but we're evolving to the next step of our stories & custom figures and the new site just has so much more to offer. It's still under construction, but once it's up & running you'll be able to read bios for ALL the Ston'emm customs that were released during NYCC 2012; that's roughly 30+ character bios. We're also having a new Ston'emm release at the 3rd Annual Long Island Toy Show which should include 2 new Ston'emm colorways as well as some other surprises. 

Once we get closer to the show, be sure to keep checking for updates and new photos.

Until then, take care everybody and see you on the new website!! :-D

-Chris "Bah'glenn" Negri

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's NYCC 2012 & Ston'emm Time!!

In what seems like forever, NYCC 2012 is here & the Ston'emm have been revealed completely to the world. We'll be at the Onell Design booth again this year, booth #3216, but this year we'll be there all 4 days, not just Fri-to-Sun. I'll be hanging out at the booth the majority of the con even if I'm not scheduled for selling things. It's amazing how much fun Beth & I have just going to the show & seeing everybody.

Special shout-out to my wife Beth who stepped things up a notch & worked like a mad-woman to get these figures painted. She did an amazingly sick job and if you like the way the ston'emm came out, make sure to tell her as I know she'll appreciate the feedback.

Also, I'd wanted to wait until i was 100% we were a-Go for this but this is especially exciting news: We will have a brand new Alien Mercenaries Fall Special #2 (#1 being released at NYCC 2010)! Now, we wanted to go BIG with the new comic, and we did.

Each comic has:
-Full color photos
-An awesome cover drawn & colored by Jared DeCosta (Redjarojam on the OctoberToy forums)
-24 pages of content including 2 different photo-comic stories, character bios & more

Each book will sell for $5.00 and will be on sale with the Ston'emm & Canne'boid figures at the show.

Oh and without further ado, the pics!

General My'diss & his Metallic Military (Voltrokk, Sparklestone & Skystone)

Skystone, Ace Aster-Craft Pilot

Skullstone, the Mad and his evil Ston'emm Minions (Sm'ssh, Waveshokk, Gruh'ssh & Pul'vorgg)

Skullstone, the Mad Ston'emm Necromancer

Dy-Mond and the Gem Ston'emms (Ru-B, Toh'Paz, Saff'Ire & Solaritte)

HUGE Group-Shot

More pictures to come as I get a chance to load them, stay tuned!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NEW Ston'emm Figure Pics

Just have to paint these & sew some pants for them & they'll be all ready for the con. Here are some more ston'emm figure pictures for everyone to Oooo & Ahhhh at:

                                        Glowstone the Nightstalker

                                        Glowing BRAAAAIIINNSSS.....

The Glow-in-the-Dark resin Jeremy used is amazingly powerful; Glowstone glows even brighter then the GitD glyos parts he's built with & there is no black-light being used either! There are also 2 clear Ston'emms with GitD eyes/brains that glow through their heads giving off a very cool effect in the dark. 

With Comic Con rapidly approaching we're getting trying to make sure everything is said & done before we get to the zero hour. There's a last-minute surprise in store that stands a good chance of happening, I just need a few more things to fall into place before I make any announcements. Stay tuned for more as it develops.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Origin of the Ston'emms and More Original Drawings

As I think I mentioned before, growing up I always loved to draw & create new things. I had a few different "toy lines" (for some reason I always drew like I was making toys- go figure), the "Reptile Fighters", the "Bug Warriors" and then a 3rd series that I have no drawings from so I barely remember it. None of those seemed to last though, as I grew bored with them. Then, everything changed.

One day I rented a new game from my local Block Buster video named "Demon's Crest" for the Super Nintendo and was blown away by it. The designs, the music and the world; a whole world full of monsters instead of people. After that I started drawing all these interesting characters based off of my own world full of monsters & that line was dubbed "Monster Wars". Eventually that line's name changed into what it is now known as: "Creature World".

In Monster Wars there was all sorts of different beings, people made out of mud, plant/creature hybrids, living trees (inspired more by the Inhumanoids Redwoods as I'd never even heard of Lord of the Rings or Ents until 2001), etc. Eventually, rock people made their way into my world by the name of an evil Ston'emm named 'Crackapart'. I believe the Ston'emm were created after my love of the Granites from Hasbro's Inhumanoids as to this day that is one of my favorite childhood cartoons & toy lines.

It's funny that 1st Ston'emm we see in my stories was evil, as now their race are generally very much the opposite (although there's always a bad egg or two floating around). It wasn't until further down the road, probably towards the end of the 90's & the early 2000's that I started to flesh out the Ston'emm race & explain their existence more (I'll get into their story-based history in another blog post).

I already showed you all the 1st drawing of Crackapart, but here's a variant I made of him called "Shatter Crackapart". Basically he got a furry loincloth instead of being just naked stone & now had the ability to telekineticlly control stones and form giant hands to grasp opponents.

This version of Crackapart came out in Series 15 and it would be another 5 series before we saw some Ston'emms again. He was a heavy-hitting member of the 'Bringers of Bloodshed' aka 'the Bloodlords' and was a thorn in the side of the heroes of my stories off and on. For whatever reason he didn't stick around as the Creature World story progressed and this would be the last time he was ever mentioned. It's possible I killed him off, but I really don't remember. The drawing is a little better then the1st one I made, but even then it's hard to make out the face on him due to the dark colored pencils I used, I really need to re-draw him with less black & dark gray. I'd really like to introduce him into the story that's going on now with the Ston'emms, as I think an evil Ston'emm that wants to align itself with the Armovors would be a cool twist and really hit the morale of the Ston'emms to see one of the own turning on the rest of their kind.

These next two debuted in Series 20. First we have another evil but very odd looking ston'emm with an almost snake/reptilian look to it. His name, is Sword. I know, very original:

I believe this design was based off an earlier drawing that wasn't a ston'emm but I liked the idea of merging the two together and drew this. I'd like to re-visit this character also, especially to give him an updated design & even sculpt it. I'd probably change his name to 'Swordstone' as at least that sounds better then just 'Sword'; that's like naming a barbarian 'Axe' or 'Warhammer'. Keep in mind I drew this character before I even knew Poke'mon existed so the idea of a rock-snake creature wasn't inspired by Poke'mon's Onyx. Odd similarities though, especially with the little crest on the back of the head that I think Oynx also shares (very eerie....O_o..). Sword was an expert Crystalline Swordsman and wielded 2 of these blades with deadly accuracy. The tail he has even ends in a razor-sharp crystal blade that he used to attack a 2nd opponent in combat.

Next we have the 1st Heroic Ston'emm character I created, the rocky member of the 'Warriors of the Woodlands' (aka the Woodlords): Rokk! (Yes I know his name is horribly generic, I was 15 & had NO concept of what Copyrightable names were)

Rokk may have had a different name, as I can make out in my drawing book that I'd erased a name & wrote 'Rokk' in it's place. I can make out an 'R' so maybe he was named 'Boulder' until I remembered the Rock Lord of the same name? Who knows, it's a mystery for the ages. Rokk has the ability to morph his hands into stone hammers, shoot his fists like missiles at his opponents and re-grow a new hand. With him was his pet Rocklecta named 'Clamp Jaw' but also known as 'Lil' Grind' which I feel is a much better name & less the love-child of Clamp Champ & Trap Jaw from Masters of the Universe. I had a very small amount of this gray colored pencil so that was the major reason why Rock got clothing; this is also the 1st Ston'emm I drew where you can actually see his mouth & eyes clearly again thanks to the lighter gray. In additional to his attack pet Lil' Grind he had a Ra'lok which are large stone creatures that the Ston'emm used as steeds and battle mounts on Slauria. This is Rokk's steed Grinder:

A Ra'lok is a rock-bear type of creature, they run on all fours but can rise up on their hind legs to attack with their front legs. They have some pretty large, wicked claws on the front paws so they're very dangerous when angered. They lived primarily on Slauria so you don't find them with the space-faring Ston'emms that are fighting the Armovors. Ston'emms are able to forge weapons from stone & rocks with their hands and you can see Rokk's axe on the saddle strap for Grinder.

I was actually 16 years old when I drew these last 3 drawings as on the page above Grinder a date was written down: August 28th 1996. So just a hair over 16 years ago I drew these Ston'emms. I wonder what my 16 year old self would say if I showed him the sculpted Ston'emms I created?

I have a few more Ston'emm drawings from back in the 90's to show you, but I will save that for another day. ;-)


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NEW! Ston'emm with Light-Piped Eyes!!

Back at the beginning of this month, Jeremy mentioned an idea to me that was so cool I hoped it could be pulled off. After a week or so the experiment was a success and Jeremy's idea became a reality: light-piped Ston'emms our homage to the Inhumanoids Granites are now even more fulfilled! I'm still cleaning up most of the parts, but take a look at what we made so far:

Stikks, General Mydiss & a Rock Roller homage

General My'diss

Rock Lords 'Rock Roller' Homage

Rock Lords 'Sticks 'N' Stones' Homage

Now, what does this mean exactly? Well every Ston'emm head from now onward will have a light-piped head ala the Inhumanoids Granties. Plus, the eyes/back-of-the-head are all one piece so you can swap the eyes around with another Ston'emm figure and really customize them that much more then normal. I think they all came out fantastically well & Jeremy truly out-did himself this time.

As we get closer to NYCC, more will be revealed about the Ston'emm and what other goodies I'll have for sale at the con & afterwards.