Friday, May 18, 2012

Fan Art

Last month my friend Craig's son Matt gave me a drawing of some Glyans attacking a Shockforce Gobon as he was so excited about the Glyos toys I'd given him (his 1st purchase with his own money was a Shockforce Gobon). Needless to say, since then he's become hooked on Glyos just like the rest of us are and has a decent little stock-pile of figures.

I was so surprised about receiving the drawing that I promised to show it here on the blog for all the other Glyos fans to see. Check it out below:

Last time I spoke with Craig, he told me his son had 2 more drawings for me so I'll be sure to post those up here as soon as I get them.

As for news about the Canne'myte, we're still in the process of getting things cast up so when they're ready to be released I will post information up here on the blog. Also, Sunday July 8th 2012 is the 2nd Annual Long Island Toy Show and I will be there selling some of my toy collection & also enjoying the show. If you'll be in the area stop by and visit. For more info head over to their website: Long Island Toy Show