Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alien Mercenaries Season 2: Episode 28 starts right now!

Okay I'm making progress guys, episode #27 went up less then a month ago! So, I'm starting to get these episodes out faster & faster. Hopefully soon I'll be able to get back to a pseudo regular schedule were we see 1 new episode a week. Sit back & enjoy episode #28 gang, I hope you all like it.

I'm gearing up for an extra special 30th episode which will hopefully air in time for Alien Mercenaries 1-year anniversary on May 22nd. I also have something else in the works, but I won't announce what until I start shooting photos for it. Stay tuned for Episode #29, hopefully to air sometime before the end of existence.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New banner AND pics of the swag I got at I-Con!

This is something I've been meaning to do for a few months now, and that is take different photographs for use as banners on the blog. Each one will be for each month with some holiday theme associated with each of them, as April is the month for Easter, here we have a Bunn'e scout stalking the rogue Eas'tarr Region warrior 'Quakster'. Next month, I'll have another Spring-like scene, and again for June. July will be summer based and things will get cooler once we head back towards Halloween and the other holidays. Should prove fun as well as challenging!

Here's a pic of the swag I scored while at the I-Con convention last weekend:

From the top right & going clockwise:

- Spider-Man Friends & Foes Minimates boxed set: Been waiting for this set to come out & wasn't aware it was out this month until one of the dealer's had it in their boothe. Grabbed it on the last day of the con for 20% off the $16.00 price tag (so like $14 bucks or so). REALLY glad I grabbed this as it includes all new versions of Black Cat and (a MUCH improved) Doctor Octopus. Also, a first in mini-mate form is The Vulture. With this set, I now have a complete mini-mates Sinister Six which is, in my opinion, really really awesome. Oh & it also included a Battle RAVAGED Spidey minimate. It's your typical Battle-Damaged figure, with a visiable web-spinner on his left wrist, a strand of webbing and another accessory I've not seen in a while: a webbing hand. It plugs in place of Spidey's wrist and hasa long strand of webbing coming out of it that grasps another mini-mate to ensnare it. Pretty cool.

- Masters of the Universe Classics Moss-Man (Un-Flocked Ears): I've never missed a MotUC figure yet, but this past March 15th I did. The dealer I scored this from is REALLY awesome & I got a Beast Man from him last year. When I saw him this year, he remembered me & hooked me up, only charging $30.00 for him. As that's about $3 more then I'd have paid if I got him online, it was a great deal. Beth actually threw her wallet at me when I said I needed an extra $10.00 to buy him- momments like that show me how awesome a girl she is.

- Iron Man 2 Armor Drone Mini-mate single packs: Got these from the same dealer who had the Friends & Foes 4-pack (Fourth World Comics in Smithtown on Long Island, really awesome store so be sure to stop in there if you're on the island). I meant to buy the Sea Attack Drone, but grabbed the Tactical Assault Drone instead. It was funny as the friend I was with said "Wouldn't it be funny if you got the wrong one?" & I was like "Heh, well that wouldn't happen cause these aren't blind bo-...well son of butt monkey.". As I'd ripped the package opening it, I knew I couldn't just swap it for the one I wanted, so I went back later to grab the one I meant to buy. Funny thing, I like the one I grabbed by mistake more. Oh the irony. They are nice solid little minimates & I'm curious to see how cool they are in the new movie.

- Space Invader Blind Boxed Magnets: THESE ARE AWESOME. For $3.00 each OR three for $8.00, each box contains a random Space Invaders alien, UFO or gun-turret-shooty-thing. They come in 4 colors, White, Red, Black & Glow-in-the-Dark. I grabbed a bunch and got what you see in the picture as well as a GitD shooty-thing, a white shooty-thing and a black shooty-thing. The dealer that had them is called Mugen Toys and their website has them on sale here: (). If you like nostalgia and/or pixelated magnets, go grab some. I currently have some on my fridge attacking some other, less cool magnets.

- Marvel Mini-mates 2-Packs: I grabbed these as last year I passed on them and my local comic shop had completely sold out of it's Wave 25 stock (yet two 2-packs from Wave 20 still linger..) so I'd missed the boat on these. When I saw a dealer with mini-mates for $8.00 a 2-pack, I grabbed what I could. Red Hulk I've been meaning to add to my collection in some form or another, and Ska'ar I could care less about as I have little interest in the character....but his mini-mate is neat so in my box 'O mates he goes. The Iron Man/A.I.M. Soldier 2-pack was a must as A) Army builders are awesome and B) I love this version of Tony's Iron Man armor. It's the version I grew up with and when I think of Iron Man, it's this one that I'm picturing. Only thing I don't like is how you can see his eyes through the helmet. The armor always obscured his eyes, which makes him more imposing but seeing his eyes kinda humanizes him too much. It's still a nice figure though & much better then the one I had from back when the line first started.

- 3 DVD's for $20.00: As I'm always trying to grow my DVD collection, Beth and I stumbled across a dealer who was really a collector unloading a TON of his stuff. This guy was too cool and we saw him on the weekend both days, making a new friend of him and his wife in the process. We grabbed some other DVD's while there (including the "Book of the Dead" Evil Dead DVD set brand new for $20.00..which I'm still afraid to read outloud LoL), but these are 3 I bought for myself. Love Soylent Green and have been meaning to buy a copy of it on DVD. Almost bought it used for $8.00 from a Hollywood Video that's going out of business, but passed to get it at a later time. Glad I did as going to I-Con let me do just that. Spaced Invaders (NO relation to the video game or the video game magnets...at least that I'm aware of) is a movie me, my mom and my sister used to watch years ago. Disney or some other movie channel usually played it alot, or sometimes around Halloween. It's a pretty goofy/doofy movie, but enjoyable enough that I can still watch it togeth and not cringe at the jokes too much. Plus they have a toy cameo in it: a TOMY Zoids robot (one of the Godzilla like T-Rex models). Finally, the Rocketeer. This was a movie I saw with my dad in the theatre when it 1st came out and we both really enjoyed it. I remember talking with my dad and saying how cool it'd be if they made a sequel, but sadly they never did. Always made me want for my own jet-pack heh-heh (I gotta get around to finding the SNES Rocketeer video game too as the NES one wasn't really that good and I've heard better things about it's SNES counter-part).

Okay, so that was my I-Con swag report. The con itself was cool, met some new people, saw some famous people, saw some friends I'd not seen in a while and generally had a great weekend. Here's hoping next year is as good.