Friday, March 26, 2010

I-Con 29 Bound!

As its nearing the end of March, it's once again the time of year for I-CON. What IS I-Con you ask? It's a type of Science Fiction Convention held on the Stonybrook College campus on (in?) Long Island NY. Its been in existence for about 30 years now (this year being the 29th I-Con for example) but I've only attended 5 or 6 of them. Its an odd hodge-podge of topics, with anime, a big dealer's room and misc. guests (Charisma Carpenter of Buffy fame is one of them). I'm psyched for the dealer's room and hope to score some cool finds there. Anyone who will also be at the con this weekend, post a comment and maybe we'll cross paths. Official website is here:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alien Mercenaries Season 2: Episode 27 starts right NOW

Okay..*counts*... 1, 2..3 months since I posted episode 26 of Alien Mercenaries season 2. Yeesh. WELL, now that the blizzards of '09/'10 have stopped finally, I got some episodes shot (about 3-4 episodes worth of photos) so I'm gonna start getting back on track.

This episode has been a long time coming as you'll all get to hear how Tri'bahl survived the fight with Zov'rass. It's not an incredibly long episode, but should be a good read. Episode #28 should be up sometime this week, depending on how much free time I get to script it. Anyway... here we go!

Alright, *whew*, making progress. This season should have just as many episodes as Season 1 did, so I got a LOT of story to tell still. Next episode is gonna be cool and the one after it will reveal a secret about one of the characters to the rest of the group. What could it be? Gotta stay locked onto this blog to find out dudes! :-D

Monday, March 8, 2010

'Cold Hunt' part 2 is now up on the forums!

Hey guys, be sure to head over to the message boards to read Part 2 of the 'Cold Hunt' mini-comic!

Cold Hunt Part 1

Cold Hunt Part 2

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Update on stuff: March 2010

Okay, quick re-cap on what's going on with the Bah'glenn:

-My fiancee and I moved into our new place 2 days after my last post and things are going well. Still un-packing, but making progress slowly and surely. I think our 6 month old kitten Whedon is more settled into the apartment then we are as he's sleeping in the bathroom sink (like he always did at our old place) again like he's been doing that here for years.

-Got some work as a toy prototype maker and received a nice paycheck for my work. Hey, I'm not making my own toyline yet, but getting paid for doing something toy related (i.e. in my dream field) is pure awesomesauce. Plus it enabled me to place a decent order over at at the end of last month which was awesome. Here's hoping I still have the extra $ when Matt drops his next big wave of product so I can order a decent amount of stuff there also (i.e. an Armodoc or two provided he's releasing more this wave).

-The snow around here FINALLY appears to be melting away and making way for warmer weather, which means I can now resume shooting Season 2 of Alien Mercenaries. As the weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow, I'm going to spend 3 or so hours outside after I get out of work and do some serious shooting. Time willing, I'll be able to knock out 2 episodes or so which will be awesome. I have an idea for a Alien Mercenaries One-Shot that's more of a comedic piece then in continuity with the series. Think of it in the same way as Marvel Comic's Christmas Specials; the stories inside are tongue-in-cheek and really don't get mentioned in the monthly titles as it's more of just an overall "fun" issue to read around the holiday season. My AM One-Shot will be a sort of expansion on the 1-panel I showed a few posts back with Greh'eck talking to his agent. Should prove very funny when I get the time to work on it.

-As you, the fans, expressed interest in me continuing the One-Shot "Cold Hunt" photo comic, I have finally scripted the photos I took and turned it into a 3-Episode Mini-Series. Part 2 should go up over on the Octobertoys forum this Monday (March 8th), with Part 3 to follow on Wednesday or Friday. Now I have both of these 100% ready to go; all I need to do is cut & paste them into a new topic thread over on the forums, click *post* and Bob's your uncle, so don't worry about these next 2 parts getting shown a month or more apart. It felt great to get this done as I've been sitting on the pictures since Jan 15th (almost 2 months ago! O_O) and I really hate leaving projects unfinished.

Now, for a bit of fun, here are some scans of drawings I made of the 4 Alien Mercenaries, Hurneff, Bore'okk, Snee'grak & Greh'eck. These drawings represent how I imagined them looking were they made without Glyos parts, i.e. with all new sculpts. Check 'em out!


Greh'eck was a little tricky to re-design as I've always seen his body as being made up of Pheyden parts. Plus, when I sculpted his head I didn't know what the rest of him would look like LoL. Hey, maybe one day in the future he'll get an outfit like never know. ;-)



Hurneff & Bore'okk were hard for me as I really didn't know what to make them look like. So I just went with a 3-digit hand (2 fingers and a thumb) and gave them the same body type with different outfits.


As Snee'grak is a Reptorrid, i.e. a reptile, I wanted to give him a tail to complete the look. I also figure, if he was a glyos figure, his tail could be made up of 3 pieces and upon buying multiples of him, could be used to make snakes, tentacles & other misc things. The color for the armor was inspired by a coloration Dr. Kent suggested to me (you can see this similar color-scheme over on his blog where he has his own Snee'grak shown). Now, you may be wondering why Snee'grak doesn't have a tail in the photo-comic. The reason I always used to explain it, was that his tail was lost a while ago and his armor stunts it's ability to re-grow, so it's never seen. Maybe one day I'll sculpt him a tail...