Friday, March 26, 2010

I-Con 29 Bound!

As its nearing the end of March, it's once again the time of year for I-CON. What IS I-Con you ask? It's a type of Science Fiction Convention held on the Stonybrook College campus on (in?) Long Island NY. Its been in existence for about 30 years now (this year being the 29th I-Con for example) but I've only attended 5 or 6 of them. Its an odd hodge-podge of topics, with anime, a big dealer's room and misc. guests (Charisma Carpenter of Buffy fame is one of them). I'm psyched for the dealer's room and hope to score some cool finds there. Anyone who will also be at the con this weekend, post a comment and maybe we'll cross paths. Official website is here:

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  1. Finally got a chance to read the latest episode and see what's going on. Great work as usual, have fun at the con!