Saturday, November 27, 2010

Custom Glyos Character Bios!

At the request of board member Cappy, I'm putting all the customs I've shown on the boards over the last year & a half onto my blog so they will be collected in one place for the first time.

Name: Punc'duk
Role: Mercenary
Bio: "A brash, tough-as-nails warrior from a remote corner of the galaxy. Weilds melee weapons expertly & prefers to use chains over anything else. Is not an evil being, but distrusts the law, society & any government in general. Often seen running the mercenary circuit to make extra cash & break a few heads. Leathery fin on his head can absorb solar radiation & channel it into his fists, generating intense heat that can burn through objects. Often burns obscene/lewd gestures made with his hands into captured or defeated opponents as a way of leaving his mark."

Name: Grogg'um
Role: Intergalactic Arms Dealer/Smuggler
Bio: "Is always one step ahead of the lawmen trying to bring him in. Always has a back up plan & his ship has numerous escape pods complete with teleporters to beam his cargo to him at his new location. Carries a variety of weapons at his disposal, but prefers to use pistols & blasters when fighting. Also posseses a limited mental ability that can plant simple hypnotic suggestions into the minds of anyone who looks into his eyes."

Name: Orbonn
Role: Synthetic Crystalline Spy/Saboteur/Assassin
Bio: "Constructed of a synthetic, highly durable crystalline material, Orbonn’s exact origin is a mystery. All the governments on various planets in the Glyos System have heard of this mysterious being and are always on the lookout for him, trying to take as many precautions as possible to keep their confidential data secure. Try as they may, Orbonn is always ready for whatever they might through at him & has gotten out of more near-impossible escapes then even thought possible. Is armed with a powerful phase blaster that can be re-configured into a replacement for a hand when desired Is also possesses amazing speed and agility, enabling him to bend & move past most attacks. Highly dense crystalline body is extremely resistant to damage & can even refract light to make him appear invisible. Doesn’t speak in a way most beings can understand; usually vocalizing through vibrations that are then translated into words by a device on his chest-plate. When someone wants something stolen, broken or killed, they hire Orbonn."

Name: Tkk'tkk
Role: "Six-Limbed Insectoid Stalker"
Bio: "During the final days of the planet Insectica, much of the populace fled in giant space going hives. The majority of their race migrated to the planet of Slauria, where land & food were plentiful, but many traveled and settled on other worlds. Tkk’tkk lived on one of these other colonies and acts as a warrior for hirer/spy for whoever pays the best. Vicious mandibles can snip through most materials & also inject a poison into targets, leaving them comatose for hours. Can cling to surfaces for easier climbing and is skilled in using his 4 arms in melee combat."

(Original Form)

(Energized Form)
(Final Super-Powerful Form)
Name: Monstrokk
Role: Massive Mutant Monster
Bio: "Monstrokk is one of the most dangerous beings in the Glyos System. Driven by a wanton desire to destroy everything, he’s been the bane of law enforcement for years. Entire squads of genedrone law enforcement have been ripped apart by his rampages before they even knew he was there. Not a stupid being, Monstrokk is cunning & enjoys toying with his prey before ripping them apart. His tail can crack like a whip, cutting down most beings easily. Scissor like teeth enable him to cut through just about everything, and razor-sharp talons can rip through the thickest armor as if it were dried leaves. Powerful leg muscles enable him to leap in hundred foot bounds, and his claws allow him to easily scale vertical surfaces. It is very difficult to keep Monstrokk contained, or even destroy him as his thick skin is extremely resistant to damage. Whenever 'successfully' captured and contained, he's broken out of both his bonds, cell and then proceeded to mop the floor with anyone who was foolish enough to get in his way; laughing all the while."

Name: Zee'jogg, the Planet Smasher
Role: World Destroyer
Bio: "Like Monstrokk, he appeared suddenly one day from the far reaches of space and has been taring apart worlds ever since. Had the Inter-Spacial Knights still been in large numbers they might have stood a chance, but there exists no force in the universe powerful enough to kill him outright. The Pru'tarrans, Slaurians & Phosperrons have all tried defeating this foe, but none have even come close. On par with Monstrokk in power levels, Zee'jogg is a force to be reckoned with. His strength seems to be without limit and the sheer amount of concussive force channeled into earth-shattering blows levels entire city blocks in moments. The fin on his back directs energy through his body and into his hands enabling his claws to rip through stone like butter, while the larger fin atop his head enables Zee'jogg to emit burning rays of energy from his eyes. These powers, an impervious hide and melee fighting skill all add to Zee'jogg's danger levels. The galaxy may only be rid of him when he and Monstrokk finally cross paths: that battle will be a world shaker for sure."

Name: Zov'rass
Role: Armored Assassin/Bounty Hunter
Bio: "Zov'rass is a bounty hunter of the highest skill, reputation & price tag. If you have him coming after you, someone paid BIG money to do it. Not much is known about him or even what race he belongs to as his helmet conceals his facial features. On top of that, he's one of the few bounty hunters actually wanted BY the law. There is a long-acting bounty for any information leading to his whereabouts, or capture; but good luck trying to keep him if you catch him. Zov'rass is outfitted with an ancient Inter-Spacial Knight armored battle suit that many people would love to get their hands on. The suit can sustain it's occupant almost indefinitely, and is even able to put them into suspended animation for long-distance travel. If they are attacked, an A.I. in the suit's computer core takes over to fend off threats & get the wearer out of harm's way. Weapon systems are numerous; 2 shoulder-mounted long range laser cannons, 2 short range plasma mortar launchers & the arms of the suit can re-configure into twin electro-light blasters. Physical strength is increased 50 times, enabling Zov'rass to rip doors off their hinges, toss around large opponents & even pick up and hurl lightweight transports. Flight capabilities of the suit change depending on the environment. Orbital mode enables deep-space travel, Aerial mode is for atmospheric flight and jump-jets in the back & bottoms of the boots are activated when the suit is in attack mode. When extra firepower is needed, Heavy Assault Mode can be activated, where all 3 of the different weapons systems come online. Zov'rass has buried many opponents and survived for a very long time. Many question if there is even anything living inside that suit anymore, but few ever get close enough to find out."

Name: Glw'gonn
Role: Large Bipedal Predators from the planet Phosperron
Bio: "The Glw'gonn are large, carnvirous beasts that feed on the native inhabitants of the planet Phospheron. Consider a Glw'gonn to be a beast part predatory cat and part ape; large, cunning and fast. Solitary creatures, they only come together to mate and raise their offspring (which happens ussually once every 10 years or so). They attack quickly, crushing their prey with their massive pincers and then devouring them in large chunks. They possess a sharp beak of sorts, which enables them to easily snap bits of flesh off their catch. Not having an actual 'head', their two large eyes rest atop their shoulders and can turn in any direction, with their mouth placed in their abdominal region. A glw'gonn's coloration is derived from eating so many of the planets inhabitants, most of which have the ability to absorb and emit light."

Name: Sae'bahr
Role: Evil Ninjarran Assassin
Bio: "Part of the not-so-secret order of Ninjarran assassins, Sae'bahr trained alongside the mercenary known as Bore'okk. They were friends & allies for a long time until something drove a wedge between them. Now, Sae'bahr hates Bore'okk with a passion and has be plotting a way to eliminate his former friend. He only has one eye, as his left one was slashed out years ago during his early days as an assassin. The loss of his eye never stopped him from completing his work, and he's still a very deadly opponent today despite this impairment. An excellent sense of smell and keen sense of hearing help him hunt his prey & vicious saber-teeth also aid in combat (but he rarely uses them, preferring to weird weapons instead). Can also see in the dark with his one remaining eye. Quiet, stealthy and deadly...Sae'bahr is truly a very dangerous individual."

Name: Kohde'akk
Role: Bearonn Berserker
Bio: "Bearonn with a powerful temper. While in battle, can enter a blinding rage and become a truely vicious opponent. Is a gentle hearted person in general, but tries very hard to save his agression for the battle field. Often seen with Ursa and their Amphibioid friend, Rib'byte. A pretty creative individual and good with machines, whenever he can find any to work on. Centuries ago, the planet fell into the dark ages and all their highly advanced technology was lost. Always on the look out for any space-tech he can find. Hopes one day to gather enough of it so that he can build a space-craft and leave the planet for further adventures. Possesses a excellent sense of smell and pretty good hearing (although for some reason Ursa's is always just a little bit better...). Loves to eat. Loathes hunny."

Name: Rib'byte
Role: Amphibioid Scout
Bio: "A loyal friend who is always there when needed. Can leap in 30 foot bounds at a time, as well as swim extremely well. Is able to hold breathe for a few hours and can see undewater perfectly clearly. Has a knack for finding ancient tech devices and often uses this talent to help Kohde'akk with his projects. In combat, is fierce and agressive despite his size and strength. Weilds his trident expertly and has often knocked several opponents off their feet at once with it."

Name: Shadronn
Role: Evil Yoo'necore Psionist
Bio: "Every so often, rare psionic amplifiers known as 'psi-horns' are located amidst the ruins of the planet Animulse. When found and affixed to the forehead, there wearer's mental abilities are increased a thousand fold, enabling them to access numerous near-magical psionic powers. They work best with Equestors who then then become 'Yoo'necores' and wander the planet trying to use their abilities to better it's inhabitants. A few however...are corrupted by the power of the psi-horn and turn to evil. Shadronn is one such Yoo'necore and has spread malice and destruction in search of the lost ancient cities. He tends to work alone, but will sometimes employ Pa'treets to act as spies and minions. Many good Yoo'necores have tried to stop his evil ways, but none ever successfully do so. The psi-horn he wears enables him to project blasts of pure concussive mental energy, levitate objects with his mind, read the thoughts of others & impose his will upon the mind of anyone within his eyesight."

Name: Cah'met
Role: Ferocious Fiery Feline
Bio: "As powerful as a blazing comet and capable of wingless flight, Cah'met is the bane of any who would cause harm or destruction. When exploring an ancient ruin, he fell into an old laboratory. There, he stumbled across a device designed to attract comets for study. The device malfunctioned, pulled a comet to it and fused him with it's power. After that day, he became known as 'Cah'met' and continued his new life as a wandering warrior, righting wrongs and helping the helpless. In his travels, he has crossed paths with Shadronn, the evil Yoo'necore and did battle with him. Often ending in a stale-mate as the two are very equally matched. Is capable of flying through the air without the aid of wings, generating intense heat, and emitting powerful bursts of fire from his hands. Retains all his natural Catillian abilities; heightened sense of smell & hearing, night vision & 9-lives.*"

*Note on Catillians: "All catillians possess a strange ability they call their '9 Lives'. This ability, will cause spontaneous regeneration whenever they are killed, bringing them back to life. They can only go through this process 9 times, and on the 10th time they are killed..they are then truly dead."

Name: Bee'rrd
Role: P.C.C. Weaponsmaster & Melee Combat Expert
Bio:"Joined the P.C.C. to help capture dangerous criminals and keep Pru'tarr safe. His knowledge of melee weapons is uncanny and very few opponents have been able to best him in combat with a sword. He was the first individual approached by Comm. Grott to join the P.C.C., and joined on the spot. In addition to his weapon skills, he can lift 2 tons, leap 20 feet and survive on very little food or water. An honorable warrior, Bee'rrd is a perfect addition to the P.C.C."

Name: Commander Grott ("Grot")
Role: Prutarran Criminal Catcher Leader
Bio: "Served in the Prutarran military in the maintence division and is proficient in the service/repair of various vehicles & equipment. After staying in his position for a few years, as he was the best at what he did, a superior officer approached him about the idea of switching to a different part of the military. Hesitant at first to this change, but eventually agreed. While in this new secret unit, his natural leadership skills began to grow, and he quickly rose to the rank of Commander. Given command over this secret unit designed to seek out & capture enemies of the Prutarrans. Grott served the Prutarran government well until mysteriously vanishing one day during transit back to Pru'tarr with a few war criminals in custody. Is presumed dead and was given a hero's burial at the council's request. Armed with a Prutarran arm blaster/welder that he is a crack-shot with. The device's double-features allows him to repair damaged tech as well as blast holes in enemies."

Name: Rayde'onn ("Ray-D-On")
Role: Mercenary
Bio: "Rayde'onn has worked for many different crime bosses over the years, but prefers to be self-employed and just hire out his services. If people can meet his price (and he finds the job interesting enough) he'll take it. Quiet & without compassion, he is not one to be trusted unless being paid. Whenever he is on a job however, he is all business. Double cross him, and you'll not live long enough to regret it. Is wanted for multiple assassinations on Pru'tarr, specificially of key government officials. Recently captured by Commander Grott and was onboard the ship when it went missing. Like all Cosmonoids (the race of beings he belongs to), Rayde'onn possesses energy generation powers that enable him to project blasts of concussive energy from his eyes or hands. He weilds an arm blaster weapon that was specially customized for him to channel and enhance these energy blasts. With this weapon equiped, he can hit targets up to 3 miles away with pin-point accuracy or blast holes through even the most thick/dense metal alloys. The specially customized armor he wears is also designed to take advantage of his powers enabling him to generate small energy shields and fly via channeling his energy through the conduits in his boots. "

Name: Rdd'rum ("red-rum")
Role: Ranged Weapons Expert & Marksman
Bio: "A member of the same secret Prutarran military group with Commander Grott. Is an expert marksman with most long-range weapons and quickly moved up the ranks due to his skills. Doesn't talk very much, except to Commander Grott and other superiors. The rest of the members in his unit think he's psychotic and tend to keep out of the way of his cross-hairs when on the field. Grott utilizes him during most missions when they need to take down a target quickly. He tends to get a bit over zealous and uses way too much firepower for simple targets, but he seems to listen to Grott when told to take it easy. His energy rifle is outfitted with a few different types of ammo; energy bursts (explosive, or narrowed to beam for pin-point sniper shots), stun bolts (renders target unconscious for several hours) and a flash pulse (bright flash temporarily blinds target on impact). Is also outfitted with a jump-pack to leap in 25 ft bounds to get to different parts of the battlefield quicker."

Name: Hoy'ysst ('hoy-yist')
Role: "Sporr'z Hunter & Tracker"
Bio: "When the Sporr'z (vicious carnivorous plant-like aliens that reproduce at an alarmingly fast rate) where first sited on one of the nearby planets to Pru'tarr, a special unit was formed to combat them. The unit fought a loosing battle against them for decades. Hoy'ysst, one of a handful of survivors from that group, was found barely breathing and missing both his legs; a sporr'z had begun eating him alive before he killed it. When news spread about the Sporr'z re-surfacing on the prosperous planet of Slauria years later, he immediately headed there to help them combat the invasion. As he was heavily wounded in the original war against the Sporr'z, Hoy'ysst has had cybernetic upgrades to replace missing legs and correct his breathing. His backpack is outfitted with numerous forms of tracking equipment, specially designed to locate and differentiate Sporr'z from regular plant-life as well as communicate with other unit members up to 3 miles away Armed with a torch-ball hand blaster that fires little glops of liquid that are coated with a thin film that breaks open on impact. This liquid then ignites when exposed to air and burns most Sporr'z to ashes in minutes. Hand blaster also has a flame-thrower setting for when more firepower (no pun intended) is needed."

"The Sporr'z aren't like any creature you've ever met before. They don't feel pain. They don't feel guilt. They can't be reasoned with. They just eat, and eat and eat then spread themselves like a plague. They grow fast like mold, but their bite is enough to cut through bone and rend steel. I lost most of my unit fighting these things...and my legs. I'm not gonna let another planet fall to them. Not this time."- Hoy'ysst when asked by a news reporter why he was going to Slauria

Name: Zerpentyne (“zur-pen-tine”)
Role: "Cybernetic Thug-For-Hire"
Bio: “Well known in the criminal underworld for his skills at assassination, armed robbery and infiltration, Zepentyne is not one to be messed with. Several years ago was cybernetically upgraded with a short-range jet alternate form to aid in quick getaways and 1-man assaults. In his flying mode, twin energy-cannons on either side of his head can riddle a target with bursts of energy at lightning speed, and then pull away before they knew what hit them. Can also shift into a heavier attack mode by swinging his tail around to act as a third cannon. Most often used method of attack is to bombard target with weapons fire in flying mode, land while their wounded & finish them off in melee combat. In his humanoid mode, twin cannons are still functional, but prefers to use his claws and fangs to further injure the target before his constricting tail crushes the life from them. Zerpentyne is very animalistic but ultimately loyal to whichever crime boss he’s working for this week. As long as he gets paid and is allowed to inflict violence onto others, he’s very content. Last seen fleeing the scene of a botched assassination attempt with fellow criminal N’erjak (N’erjak was arrested by the P.C.C.).

Name: Ol'fohgee(“ol-foe-gi”)
Role: "Criminal Mastermind"
Bio: “One of the greatest criminal minds on all of Pru'tarr, Ol'fohgee has been impossible to capture in the entire 50+ years of his thieving career. Always one step ahead of the P.C.C., he seems to always has a back-up plan with several different escape routes waiting to be used. The truth in the matter is Ol'fohgee possesses the ability to transport himself over vast distances in the blink of an eye. Using the ability tires and weakens him immensely, leading him to utilizing it only when seconds away from being arrested. Keeps several dozen skilled criminals on hand for when doing routine jobs, but often hires out to avoid tipping the P.C.C. to his involvement. Left eye was lost in a deal gone bad in his younger days before his rise to power; never had it healed as he keeps the scar as a reminder that nothing ever goes according to plan. Arch-nemesis to Comm. Grott who wants nothing more to see him locked in cell for all time. Ol'fohgee rarely sullies his hands with physical altercations anymore, but is proficient in the use of several dozen melee weapons and small-gauge blaster pistols for when he feels so inclined."

Name: Sy'lkk (“sigh-lick”)
Role: "Bodyguard and Strongman to Ol'fohgee"
Bio: "No one is more trusted in Ol'fohgee's organization then his personal bodyguard, Sy'lkk. Over the last 40 years, he's always been there to break legs, guard Ol'fohgee and make sure the other criminals in the group aren't trying anything sneaky. His reputation is known to many crooks and con-men, so few ever try to cross him; those that do aren't alive for very long. Sy'lkk seldomly speaks and shows even less emotion, making it incredibly hard for anyone to figure out what he'll do next. As a Newtionn ("newt-e-on"), Sy'lkk is at home on the land or in the water and possesses amazing regenerative abilities second only to those of the reptorrid race (see "Snee'grak"). In addition, Sy'lkk can hold his breath for several hours in salt water or breathe with gills while in fresh water. Vision while underwater is also excellent, enabling him to see for several hundred feet even in the murkiest water. Physical strength and endurance is exceptional as well, enabling him to lift several tons easily; the P.C.C. have often removed small ground transport vehicles from the bodies of his victims, who were pinned to the wall of a building. Skilled in the use of most blasters but prefers to wield heavy artillery. Has small aqua-jets in his boots, enabling him to move through water with ease. Currently being tracked by the P.C.C., but unable to successfully tail him back to Ol'fohgee's HQ."

Name: N'erjak (“n-ur-jack”)
Role: "Energy Weapon Creating Criminal"
Bio: "A being with the psionic ability to create melee weapons out of pure mental energy, usually a shimmering translucent orange. These energy constructs are virtually lightweight, but can cut through about anything with ease. These weapons remain in existence for as long as he wills them to be, and others are able to use them if he allows them too. He is a powerful warrior in a fight, but doesn't possess enough initiative to be his own boss. Often works for other, more powerful/smart individuals. Is in the employ of Ol'fohgee presently, but was left behind by Zerpentyne after a botched assassination job."

Name: "Groak" (say 'croak' with a "G" instead of a "C")
Role: "Bounty Hunter"
Bio: "Tohdian bounty hunter, always brings in his target but most times not alive. This tends to make most people wary of hiring him, but he still finds work as he's really good at what he does. As a Buhl Tohian, is twice as large as other Tohdians and while he can't hold his breath as long underwater, his physical strength is at least 5 times greater. Been in countless battles, as is evident by the numerous cuts and gashes on his head. Once brought in a nasty Fl'zzz by the name of 'Zzgrt' by swallowing him & regurgitating his body onto the table of his client. Zzgrt was unfortunately still alive after he was spit up."

Name: "Electi-bult" ('E-leck-T-Bolt')
Role: Unknown
Bio: "Two thousand years in the future, the Shadohzan race made their third attempt to leave their reality and finally take the planet Slauria. This time they succeeded in their conquest and in less then a day, enveloped the planet in darkness. With the strength drawn from the consumption of all life on Slauria, they easily took Pru’tarr and continued to destroy other planets. The survivors on the planet Phospheronn used an ancient Slaurian device known as a ‘Gate-Sphere’ to send someone back in time to try and avert this disaster. That someone was Electi-bult. The inhabitants of the past seem dumb and foolish to him, which cause him to wonder if these ignorant beings would ever sincerely try and save their future. Trapped in the past as the gate-sphere was destroyed when he arrived, he tries to restore order to the cosmos and make these people see the folly of their ways. Electi-bult generates massive electricity from within his body that he then channels through his 'Blt'blade', a sword forged of some unknown, futuristic alloy. He thrives off of electricity and uses the blt'blade to channel lighting into him for sustenance. In battle, he emits electric blasts from his eyes, hands, or through the blt'blade itself. A being of little words, most crooks and con-men cower away in fear upon him entering a room, his eyes crackling with electricity. The Prutarran government have tried on multiple occasions to ‘recruit’ him for their P.C.C. unit, but have been unsuccessful. The High Council of Pru’tarr now views him as a wild card that needs to be eliminated....but doing so has been extremely difficult and cost them dozens of men."

(Electi-bult crackling with electricity)

Name: Oynk'kurr ("oink-cur")
Race: Peeg Ani-M.A.U.L.; Behemoth breed
Bio: "A peeg ani-M.A.U.L. who discovered a treasure-trove of ancient advanced weaponry and used it to turn himself into the number one robber in his region. Most other Ani-M.A.U.L.s who fought him lost horribly and immediately regretted their foolish decision. While on one of his most recent raids he discovered a lost inter-planetary escape pod (one of hundreds used centuries ago by the original inhabitants of the planet) and returned to his hideout with it. After managing to get it operational again he used it to escape the planet's dangerous asteroid field and enter the rest of the universe. Illegally landing in the middle of a spaceport he was 'accosted' by several Prutarran Peacekeeper Force soldiers causing a huge fight to break out. He avoided capture and is currently on the run, hitting any outposts he can for objects of value. Not a very trustworthy individual who should be avoided as often as possible."

(Full Body Shot)

Natural Abilities & Weapons: "As a Behemoth Peeg he is incredibly strong and can lift one (1) ton up over his head and drag or push about three (3) tons with minimal effort. His skull is extremely thick and direct hits from objects delivering 20 lbs. of force barely phase him. The battle armor he wears is centuries old and protects him from intense heat, freezing temperatures and electrical shocks. Mounted on his back is a large pulse cannon that can be linked up to the gauntlet on his right wrist to aim where his hand points to or, to a eye-piece that was misplaced inside his space craft. This cannon can also be programed to fire at any moving targets within range or to fire on any targets he is shooting at with other weaponry. On his left hand is another pulse cannon that is less powerful but, is still effective at a greater distance then his shoulder cannon. He has since lost this weapon and prefers to wield a hand-held weapon instead. A bladed weapon that he carries is one of several melee weapons that he's pilfered from various sources over the years and he's very skilled with it."

Name: Trnns'prt & Sdd'kik
Role: "Mercenary Duo"
Bio: "A tag-team that hires out their services to the highest bidder, Trnns'prt is a cyborg equipped with a pulse cannon (right arm), a double-shot rocket launcher (left arm) and a back-mounted laser blaster that converts into a turret for Sdd'kik to ride on. Trnns'prt is quiet and reserved, but is extremely destructive in combat and never stops attacking at target until it is destroyed. Sdd'kik speaks often but usually to himself while devising battle strategies. He is small, fast and agile as well as a crack-shot wit the turret on Trnns'prts's back. Two handles for the turret he wields as clubs to enable him to knock-out unsuspecting targets from behind. The two work in tandem with Sdd'kik typically scouting out the area while Trnns'prt waits for the signal to attack. Most people who encounter this dangerous duo survive long enough to know who did the deed. "

Name: Du-O
Role: "Double-Headed Warrior"
Bio: "A being with two sides to itself. One side is the calm, somewhat emotionless Strah'teeon, the other is the violent blood-thirsty Mehlon. The two reside inside the same body and work in unison as much as possible, although their differences in personality tend to cause conflicts with one another. Strah'teeon is a brilliant strategist while Mehlon is a brute and an excellent melee combatant, together they can easily turn the tide of any battle in their favor."

(Strah'teeon aiming weapons)

(Mehlon holding Poworr-Club)

(Mehlon's jetpack)
Natural Abilities/Weapons: "When Strah'teeon is in control, he has several different ranged weapons at his disposal. Two pistols are his standard side-arms with a large laser cannon mounted on his back. This cannon can aim at targets independently of what Strah'teeon is attacking. When Mehlon shifts into control, their body grows slightly in height and their weapons transform into a jet-pack and a poworr-club. This club can channel energy through it, increasing the damage to almost deadly levels. The jet pack enables Du-O to get around the battlefield much faster."

More bios will be added soon, I know I left out a few customs but that's mainly because I never made bios up for them when I posted them, LoL. Stay tuned for those...