Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Banner for June...but what about May??

As per ussual, I totally slipped up & forgot to take a photo for May. Sooo we're just gonna skip May (seeing as we're almost half-way into June already) and just start with June. This time, I made up banners for the next 2 months in advance, so all I'll need to do is swap out June for July when the time comes.

Little bit of back-story about the June banner: there's this plant that grows in my parents garden that for some reason always reminds me of bamboo, so I've been wondering when I could take advantage of that for a photo shoot. As I hadn't put a new banner up since April, and was wondering what motiff I could go with that seems "summer-like", I finally had my chance. The pictures are progressive, so each month up until August they change a bit, just something fun to show on the blog until I get to be more festive once October rolls around.

Next episode of Alien Mercenaries is being scripted as I'm writing this, so sometime before the end of this month/the begining of next month it should go up. I had fun shooting this episode, so I hope you guys enjoy it as well.