Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Next Canne'pirate: Rig'n!

This crew member is the mechanic & weapon maker for the Dragon's Maw. His original Creature World counter-part, 'Rigen', would swing from the rigging in the ship's sails (hence the name) and use his powerful pincer legs to catch & crush anyone who boarded the ship.

Here's an original drawing of that character:

I was going to give the canne'pirate the same pincer legs, but since the Dragon's Maw is a space pirate ship without any sails or rigging, I decided to alter his job on the ship. So instead of pincers he gets a second smaller pair of arms with hands so he can work on things while using his larger more powerful arms to swing around the inside of the ship. I had to give him some sort of pirate-themed accessory so I gave him a long striped cap to wear. I might turn it into a bandanna or doo-rag, but for now this works & brings some contrast to all the browns & tans on him.

Here's the sketch I did of him (bottom half of the page). The head sculpt I ended up doing came out differently then the sketch, almost simian or gorilla looking. Actually I think it works with the whole swinging around thing so it's not a bad change at all.


Final Sculpted version


(Showing the hands on his leg-arms)

There are still more canne'pirates to be made, I still have to make Lock'up the ship's living treasure chest & Ice'lasher the ship's interrogator & task-master. Should be fun to sculpt them.

Oh & in the meantime, head over to the October toys forum & check out pics of the canne'pirates riding around in a Playmobil Pirates dingy. It's not their actual space-age pirate ship but it will do in a pinch.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Cereblor: the Brain in the Jar

Visiting Matt Doughty & his awesome family last weekend was a blast for me & my girlfriend Beth. While there, Matt did a lot of amazing drawings of some of my creations including a veeery old one from back in the mid-to-late 1990's.

The character started out as just a brain in a jar who traveled with Sun'slyr (the prince of the Phosperonns) to Slauria to explore the world after it had been quarantined for two centuries. While there it was their job to retrieve the Gauntlet of Destruction and the Gauntlet of Protection that had been taken there by a criminal overlord known as Yarr'kon. Once there, Sun'slyr & Cereblor followed the path of destruction left by Gauntletz and the Bringers of Bloodshed (aka the 'Blood Lords'). Cereblor then used his cybernetics knowledge to re-animate the bodies of warriors killed by Gauntletz and add their ranks to their new team, the Sun Strikers.

Here's a drawing I did years ago based on artwork my friend made back then. It's the Sun Strikers main means of transportation while on Slauria & is currently being manned by 4 Sun Strikers & Cereblor.

(Top of Ship: Sleet
Inside Ship: Cyberslug, Stickle-Back & Cereblor
Underneath Ship: Tread)

Since then the Cereblor character has transformed into something more deep. With the help of my friend Doctor Kent, who provided a good chunk of the new Cereblor's backstory, we created a character who spanned decades of story and is almost responsible for the majority of crap happening in my universe.

For those of you who followed Alien Mercenaries, Cereblor is mentioned in it several times and is known there as Ce'Brorr, his name before become making his exo-suit and becoming a Bionic Living Organism (aka his name CereB.L.Or.). Actually, if you look at the computer monitor in episode #22 of the 1st season of Alien Mercenaries (the 1st panel of that episode) you'll see the computer system recognizing Greh'eck as the user "Ce'Brorr". In the 1st episode of season 2, Gr'owwlge mentions to Greh'eck how he was taken away from his family by a Prutarran Scouting Party & then awoke in a laboratory. Ce'Brorr was the one who ordered the scouting party to retrieve Gr'owwgle AND was in the lab when he came out of stasis briefly. He was abducted due to his abilities to sense and read auras in beings, but for what purpose ultimately will eventually be explained...

Original Drawing from 1996

Cereblor as drawn by Matt Doughty on December 11th 2011

The stories of Slauria are vast, and as a young teenager I drew at least 200 different characters. Some have found their ways into my current creations while others have yet to be revealed. Keep your eyes on this blog for more stuff about my Creature World stories as we enter the new year.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Custom Canne'boid Commissions

Since my next resin release is still a ways off (just to much going on this month. :shock: ), I'm extending an option out to any canne'fans out there. I will be selling hand-sculpted one of a kind canne'boids on order, so if there's a canne'boid design idea you have, send me a PM or an e-mail at & let me know what you'd like to me to make for you.

Pricing & Options:
- One unique head & fur: $20 +shipping
- One unique head & pair of hands with fur: $30 +Shipping
- One unique head & pair of hands with fur AND a body: $40 +Shipping

Bah'glenn's workshop is now open, so strike while the iron is hot & let's make some 'boids!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Next New Canne'pirate: "Keel'ovr"!

This was another old-school design I'd created in my early teens & opted to give him the canne'boid pirate treatment. His original back-story was he died at sea, but having no desire to stay dead, re-animated himself & joined Capt. An-grrr's crew. I liked how half his face was hidden behind an old pirate flag (maybe from his original ship?) and he had barnacles growing all over him. I remember being proud of thinking up the name 'Shipwreck' and completely forgot about the G.I. Joe character of the same name, so the name has to be changed. I never drew a picture of what he looked liked without the flag, but I always assumed it was scarred & disfigured. You know, seeing as he didn't even have hands, that must have made re-loading his cannon arm difficult.....ah well, it was a cool design anyway.

Original Artwork/Drawing

I went with the name "Keel'ovr" (keel over) as it's an old nautical/pirate term for when someone is killed/dies so the name seemed appropriate given his back story. Changing him over to a canne'boid didn't take too much work, but unfortunately I had to go with a darker shade of blue as I couldn't find anymore of the blue that matched his original drawing much better. I also opted to give him one real hand and changed his anchor hand into a harpoon one. I was going to sculpt him a pirate flag to cover his skull face but I might just put some black cloth around it to make it appear his skull face IS the skull & crossbones from a pirate flag. I may also give him pants or some similiar clothing as he's looking a little incomplete to me. Maybe some red clothing to tie back into the original drawing?

"The undead canne'pirate!"

"Ten years ago the canne'boid now known as 'Keel'ovr' was killed in battle by a blaster shot to the head. The blast took all the flesh off of the right side of his face leaving nothing but the bare bone exposed. In an odd turn o' events, this canne'boid was not wantin' to remain dead so Keel'ovr's soul re-possessed his water-logged body and he rose up from the depths to live again. As he is one of the undead, he can not be killed by conventional means & shrugs off most forms of injury like a wee guppy biting a whale. Since his left hand was blasted off during the attack, Keel'ovr grafted the tip of an old harpoon onto the stump to provide himself with a weapon. He joined my crew to find his killer so his soul can finally rest. Keel'ovr is a valuable warrior to me ship so I'm not too keen on loosin' him as a warrior. Unknown to everyone it was I, Capt. Spakk Jahroh, who killed Keel'ovr those 10 years ago. The bright flash from the blaster shot at such close range must have temporarily blinded him and kept my identity hidden. Not even Shriekbeak knows this secret, and I will never tell a living (or dead) soul this for fear of loosing my undead warrior...or my own life. I killed him once before...but how ye be killin' something that be already dead?"- Excerpt from Capt. Spakk Jahrohs Log Book

I have at least 2 more canne'pirates to sculpt up to finish the good Captain's crew, so keep an eye on the blog for updates.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The next two canne'pirates of the Dragon's Maw: One-Eye & Shark Hook

After creating Capt. Spakk Jahroh the other day, I've had canne'boid pirates on the brain (the canne'borg is on the back-burner right now, but one of my other canne'boids might need to be rebuilt- I have the technology) and set to work giving the good captain a crew.

Now, before I delve into the 2 new guys I have some back story: I've only been sculpting since late 2007/early 2008 BUT I've been drawing and creating characters since 1994-1995 with my old "Creature World" stories that took place on the planet Slauria (the planet where the canne'boids come from). Well back then I'd decided to make a team of pirates and created Captain Ang-grrrr to lead them. He was a mutated slaurian with a chip in his head that increased his strength when he became angry, but his crew was predominately made up of characters from non-Creature World stories of mine. But, amidst the re-used characters, there were 5-6 original pirates. So while thinking of ideas for new canne'pirates, I touched onto these older characters and "canne'boidized" them.

Original Drawings (circa the late 1990's):

One-Eye's one large eye was actually a doorway into another dimension where vicious creatures lived. He wore an eye-patch at all times to keep the doorway closed, but while in battle he'd often take the eye-patch off and call forth a monster to attack his foe. I'm not sure why I gave him 2 peg legs (feet?), maybe his original legs had gotten beaten off by the inter-dimensional creatures? o_O??

"Fishook/Shark Hook"

I remember drawing his while on vacation in New Hampshire in August of 1997. I liked the colorway & the name so much I later used them on a completely different character. With his original name & color now on another character, I re-designed him for canne'piracy.

New 2011 Canne'boidized Re-Designs

There are 3 more characters waiting to get sculpted up, but I might need more parts before I attempt that. They should be pretty awesome once I'm all said & done with them. I did draw out the build for one of them and it should prove to be a solid build when assembled.

Sculpted Canne'boidized Versions

One-Eye came out great in my opinion, it took me at least 4 tries until I finally got his head just right. The eye-patch sits snuggly on his eye & two teeth, but some fun-tack helps keep it from falling off. I gave him red fur as a homage to the black/red striped shirt the original character had

Shark Hook didn't get too much of an overhaul, he's a canne'shark and thus has the canne'boid underbite, scaley skin & fur. As a nod to the original Fishook's colorway, I chose green for his teeth & claws & I think it's a good contrast. Not sure if you can tell from the photos, but he actually has a few fish-hooks pierced through his tail, fin, nose & mouth. He came alright, but once I get some firmer sculpey I'll try making him a 2nd time.

I'll have full bios for both of these new canne'pirates probably by the afternoon tomorrow, baring any incident of course. Until then, I hope you enjoyed these new canne' all they need is a ship...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The 1st of (hopefully) many Canne'pirates: Captain Spakk Jahroh!

"This is Spakk Jaroh, Captain of the Pirate ship, Dragon's Maw! and This is a warning going out to any of you stupid fools thinking about gettin in my way, like the Travelers & Glyaxia Command. I've set a course for the Glyos System and while me and my crew sail the spaceways: NO ONE is safe! If you're not wanting to go to an early grave you'll steer clear of the sights of my ship! Fly them colors lads, let'em know the Dragon's Maw's comin' for 'em! HA HA HA!"

Go check out my post (CLICK ME) on the October Toys forum for his full bio & photo gallery. I'll probably edit them into this post when I get home from work later. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

NYCC Halloween Exclusives are LIVE!!

The last bits of the NYCC Halloween Exclusive Canne'boid wave is now available for purchase!! Just send an e-mail to me at and specify which one canne'boid you would like. We only have a few left to pick from:


Each Canne'punk is $30.00 and comes with real metal chains around their wrists, a box and bio card. Their leader Spykkbite is also available for sale at $65.00.

Electrical Canne'boids

Each Electrical Canne'boid is $30.00 and comes with a box and bio card. Their color yellow goes well with the new Glyaxia command Yellow Axis joints on sale at


Each Canne'tricker is $30.00 and comes with a cardboard miniature Halloween mask for the canne'tricker to wear, a box and bio card.

Happy Halloween everybody!


NYCC Halloween Exclusives go up for sale tonight!

The remaining NYCC Halloween Exclusive Canne'boids will be going up for sale at 6:30pm EST this afternoon/evening. There really aren't many left so this isn't a full release, more of a "if-you-didn't-go-to-NYCC-now-you-can-buy-them" kind of release.

Also, since I have so few of these left I'm going to have to limit them to 1 per person. There will be more canne'boids coming in the future, I have a few things in the works, so we'll have to see what we can put together. I don't like to talk about upcoming releases until I have finished products to show. This way I don't get bummed out when I can't release something, and you all get bummed out because you can't own that something. I'm working on a few sculpts now and they're shaping up to be pretty cool. I'll see if I can post teaser pictures when I get enough of it done.

Stay tuned here & on the forum for the drop!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bah'glenn Creations: Post NYCC

The con was a freaking BLAST this year. Beth & I had a ton of fun and we both extend our sincerest thanks to Matt Doughty & Co for again allowing us crash-space at their booth, in addition to letting us sell some Canne'boids there. It was great to meet so many forum members in person, as well as speak with new customers who were just getting into canne'boids & Glyos due to seeing them for the first time at the show.

We still have some Canne'boids left for sale which should be going up for sale via my account in the next day or so. We're going to try using this method as it reduces the work my GF Beth has to do and allows the customer to pick exactly which canne'boid they want.

My thanks also goes out to Phil Reed over at for posting some photos of the canne'boids during NYCC including an exclusive first-look photo of the Canne'lanturn head sculpt. I had planned on selling some hand-sculpted canne'lanturns at the con but due to time constraints and not feeling that they came out 100% right, I held back on them. The head on the far right should be the final head-sculpt, but I might take another crack at it to see if I can't make it even better. Even though Halloween will odds are be over by the time that head-sculpt get's cast and available for sale, I'll still release it anyway so people won't have to wait until next year to buy it.

Okay, now to pass-out as I'm still not 100% fully recovered from this past weekend. I look forward to Friday when I'm off of work and able to sleep late...


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Comic Con 2010 Exclusive: Now Online!

First day of NYCC was a blast! It's so awesome to see everyone again since last year, almost like a "Glyos Family Reunion". Sold some canne'boids, but we'll see how they sell tomorrow & into Sunday (those Arctic guys are going quick- I only have 2 of the 4 left! O_O). Whatever isn't sold will be online for anyone interested.

Anywho, I figure as a sort of non-con exclusive for all the people who won't be at NYCC this weekend that I'd do something special for them. Since I ran out of last year's "Alien Mercenaries Fall Special" comic book, I am going to post it here for you all to read. In addition to that, I'm showing a brief 7-panel comic with shots taken at New York Comic Con 2010 that are being shown online for the first time!

I hope you all like it, and for those that never read the original comic you're in for a treat.

(November i.e. October 2011. I really am terrible at sticking to schedules...-Bah'glenn)

Now to go to sleep, wake up in...ugh 2-to-3 hours and go back to the con for another day of wackiness. I will see everyone there tomorrow!