Monday, August 24, 2009

So I got an Armodoc today, but it's technically my fiancee's as I didn't think they'd sell out so fast & didn't order the standard one for myself. BUT..I'm allowed to play with it before I give it to her next week.

With this new-found glyos toy at my disposal, I decided to muck around with it a bit. Seeing as I can't really build too much with it having only 1, I decided to see what I could do with using standard glyos parts AND the Armodoc. Using Matt's salvage mech custom as a guide, I put the following mech together. Beth's Red Rabbit is the pilot in these shots, with a wolf/dog character I made her being the "victim" of the mech...

"You didn't think it'd be THAT easy did you!?" (Robot Chicken reference)

Close up of how I connected the glyos parts to the Armodoc pelvis. Same way as Matt did it; just take a complete Gobon blaster & insert the disc-end into the pelvis leg socket. It actually holds up pretty well.

I attached the Armodoc's head & fist to see how it would look. The result? AWESOME. O_O!!

Currently in the process of sculpting some stuff, re-configuring the arms & legs from the Armodoc Mech to amp-up a figure & watching a movie on the computer. Where DO I get the energy?? O_o???

Monday, August 17, 2009

MORE new Stuff & who is this new character for my avatar???

If you look at my avatar/photo on the message boards OR here on my blog, you'll notice the picture changed. The last picture was of another character of mine, called "the Slaurian" (you also see him in this blog's logo, hanging out in the middle of the picture), but he acted as more of a place-holder for my current avatar/photo. This character is the face behind the name "Bah'glenn" and is a caricature of myself in a way. I've been meaning to get around to sculpting him, but finally got the time while on vacation this past week. I had a lot of fun sculpting his head & am very pleased with the result. So far though, his body is not 100% done yet, so keep tuning back here to see how his construction is progressing.

Here's a larger picture for you guys to check out as well.

Next up! My cousin is a big fan of sharks so I wanted to make him a little shark guy. It started out just being a head & then I began thinking "hey, why not just make it a body?". Only problem was, I'd already baked then head & never put a peg inside it. SO...I just had to sculpt a torso & attach the head to it with Sculpey. I at least made arms & articulated them, so it's more like a large Battle Beast right now. I didn't get the chance to make his lower half before my vacation ended, so right now he's using a Pheyden pelvis & legs.

Okay, that skull-headed figure on the right of that picture is/was another character I was trying to make. I wanted Rott'n'dekae to have some undead troops, so I was trying to make another skull-headed guy...but it didn't come out exactly right (to ME anyways). Sooo this gave me another idea: What about a character who SURVIVED a direct encounter with Rott'n'dekae?? I took some sculpey, and formed a face around the head, leaving the skull exposed on his right side...forever scarred from his encounter with that skeletal monstrosity.

Those above two pictures are before I baked him in the oven, this picture below is after he was baked & pegged into a home-made torso for this photo:

Still need to make a better body for him. I may or may not give him a custom torso with skeletal damage on it; I'm picturing his right shoulder & ribcage being exposed, so he's literally half alive & half dead. Again, will post more pictures of that as I'm working on it. Expect to see him in an up-coming mini-comic or in some sort of role in the future, probably once I finish making his body.

That's all for right now, I just need to take some pictures of the other stuff I made, so expect them to be up here soonish. :-D


Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm back! And I've made a LOT of stuff over my vacation

Okay, the final part to the Monstrokk Limited Series will be up sometime within the next two days or so, I just have to sit down & script the last few panels & then we'll be good to go.

In the meantime, I'm going to share with you guys some stuff I made while away on vactation. As I had an entire week without any work & plenty of free time, I made sure to bring my sculpey, tools & misc. other components to make customs with. I got to make a few Alien Mercenaries Season 2 characters that I'd not set time aside for, as well as learned how to sculpt a few new types of animal heads(I'll be showing a few of those below).

Okay, so here's the first new animal I made, a Duck-Billed Platypus. My fiancee had made the suggestion & wanted it as a glyos head & I instantly thought it was a fantastic idea! I hadn't thought about it before either, so I'm glad she made the suggestion. I actually made two as I liked the one I made for her so much I wanted one of my own LoL; the one with silver eyes is her's & the one with blue eyes is mine.

I even sculpted a boomerang accessory for them to use, as it seems kinda fitting for an australlian animal. Don't be surprised if you see more australlian animals popping up on the blog soon...

Next, another custom head for my fiancee (she gets the coolest stuff from me LoL) was 100% her idea. As I'd made an awesome rabbit head (you guys might see it soon, but not just yet ~_^), she requested I make one in red & with a monocle on it's eye. I'm not sure why she wanted it to have a monocle, but people just look cooler with monocles anwyays LoL.

More cool stuff to come, so be sure to keep looking at the blog for updates. When I get my new glyos product order in, you'll be seeing a LOT of cool customs popping up here.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Monstrokk Hunters- #2 in a Three-Episode Limited Series!

Hey guys! Here is Episode #2 of "Monstrokk Hunters", fresh off the presses! Enjoy! ^_^

The conclusion to this Limited Series will come up when I return from vaction next week (ooo suspense! O_O)....unless I have time before leaving in 4-5 hours & finish Episode #3 (but I don't like to rush it if it's not ready just yet).
Let me know what you all think of the new & improved Monstrokk. Is he more scary now then before? I've wanted to re-do him for a while, as I wanted him to have some sculpted parts. I actually made this upgraded body back in June/July, but kept his looks a secret until now. After seeing the new Rothan colored Buildman that's coming out, I may have to get a couple of those & swap-out Monstrokk's phase green parts for the light green ones (as they match his skin more), but I'll have to wait & see when I get some. I need to also post some pics of the new & improved Monstrokk up here on the blog, as he's changed ALOT & is much bigger too.
While on vaction I'll be spending some time sculpting & such, so expect lots of updates when I return next Friday. Until then, enjoy the week guys! :-D

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monstrokk Hunters- #1 in a Three-Episode Limited Series!

Hey gang, finally sat down & got this underway. Each episode with have 12-panels & will pretty much be going up during the the remainder of this week before I go away on vacation. Think of it as, a sort of Masters of the Universe Mini-comic type of thing, but split up into 3 parts to create more suspense LoL.

I tried uploading the images directly to my blog & it seems to have FINALLY done the trick (i.e.: I don't have to edit the html to make them fit the blog; it does it automatically if they're uploaded). If they're still difficult to read, clicking on them should enlarge them in a new window. Enjoy! ^_^