Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life being "wacky" again...& a new custom!

Ok, will try to get back on some sort of regular schedule as soon as my fiancee Beth & I move into our new apartment. We've only been here since Sept 21st, and were told over the phone that we need to be out by March 1st so the landlady's daughter can move in. Wish I had known this was going to happen back when we first took the apartment, cause I'd have chosen the 2nd place we were looking at instead. Ah well, hind-sight is 20/20, so there's not much to change the past.

Good news though is we found a new place to live that's only $25 more expensive then our old place (which isn't bad as it's included utilities allow us to cancel one we got ourselves in our old apartment). Also, it's closer to both of our jobs, our friends/family, and seems a bit bigger then our current place. The new landlord is really awesome aswell, so I don't foresee us having any problems with him. We should be out of here and moved in to our new place before the end of the weekend, so I'm very glad things are starting to straighten out again.

New Custom time!
I had this guy laying around from back before the poo hit the fan over here, but now that I have a break from packing, I figure I'll show it off.

Name: Speed-Freek ("speed-freak")
Role: "Hyper Fast Warrior"
Bio: "In the begining, Speed-Freek was known as Cahgn ('can') and was never punctual or on time for anything. When his family was killed in the crossfire of two rival criminals, he blamed himself; if he had been there when he was supposed to, they would have been gone by the time the criminals showed up. He locked himself away in his home for years, pouring over numerous books and texts looking for a way to travel back in time and prevent his family's death. Failing to find anything that could help, he fell deeper into depression. One day, a stranger needed someone else as knowledgeable in the subject of time travel to assist him with his own experiment and Cahgn readily agreed. The two worked for a month before the device was ready, but at the time of activation an unpredicted calamity occurred. A malfunction caused an explosion which destroyed the machine and all notes on its construction. The stranger, believing the experiment was not worth revisiting and Cahgn was dead, left town to return to whence he came. Cahgn, was piloting the time machine during the explosion and had been bombarded with temporal energy which triggered a transformation within him. His body shifted and changed, re-forming itself into a newer, faster, sleeker shape. Dubed the name 'Speed-Freek' due to his odd appearance, Cahgn uses his new body to stop anyone who would harm the innocent. Speed-Freek can travel at speeds of up to 1,000 MPH, in addition to seemingly being in more then one place at once. This is due to the temporal energy that transformed him literally pulling different versions of himself from the immediate past or future, that return from whence they came in a blink of an eye. Backpack used for storing objects during super-fast travel, in addition to possessing mentally-linked air-breaks for additional control when needed. Even though Speed-Freek works best on his own, he is currently being secretly observed by the P.C.C. for possible recruitment in their unit."


Right Side



Angled Close-Up

Running "Super-Fast"

This was just a quickie I threw together while making Sy'lkk's body a few weeks back. Basically, I'd started out wanting to sculpt something else...and then this head showed up instead. It came out really nice, and I'm not sure if I'll be adding anymore details to it or just leaving it as is. The body is just a Aves Exellis figure with a different torso (one with the backpack socket, not entirely needed, as the figure design works great with the Aves torso too). I had this idea of, as I don't have alot of parts I can use for figures right now (running low on thighs/arms), taking any of the Founders figures and making them into new non Pheyden/Exellis characters with heads that match the bodies. Speed-Freek is the first of this "experiment", but I hope to make more soon.