Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bah'glenn Creations: Post NYCC

The con was a freaking BLAST this year. Beth & I had a ton of fun and we both extend our sincerest thanks to Matt Doughty & Co for again allowing us crash-space at their booth, in addition to letting us sell some Canne'boids there. It was great to meet so many forum members in person, as well as speak with new customers who were just getting into canne'boids & Glyos due to seeing them for the first time at the show.

We still have some Canne'boids left for sale which should be going up for sale via my account in the next day or so. We're going to try using this method as it reduces the work my GF Beth has to do and allows the customer to pick exactly which canne'boid they want.

My thanks also goes out to Phil Reed over at for posting some photos of the canne'boids during NYCC including an exclusive first-look photo of the Canne'lanturn head sculpt. I had planned on selling some hand-sculpted canne'lanturns at the con but due to time constraints and not feeling that they came out 100% right, I held back on them. The head on the far right should be the final head-sculpt, but I might take another crack at it to see if I can't make it even better. Even though Halloween will odds are be over by the time that head-sculpt get's cast and available for sale, I'll still release it anyway so people won't have to wait until next year to buy it.

Okay, now to pass-out as I'm still not 100% fully recovered from this past weekend. I look forward to Friday when I'm off of work and able to sleep late...


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