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Bah'glenn Creations Next Release: the Ston'emm!

Okay, after a few months of preparation, my next new figure is ready to be revealed. Now, this race was created by me as a kid back in the 1990's for my "Creature World" stories that took place on the planet Slauria. Slauria is where the Canne'boids came from although that was during the distant past in my stories. The 1st Ston'emm I introduced was as a bad guy named 'Crack Apart' who could break apart into 4 smaller versions of himself, or into a pile of rocks and basically trample people.

Below is a drawing of him with another character I'd created called 'Gigantus' (yes I know, real original LoL.):

Inhumanoids was & is one of my favorite toylines & cartoons from my childhood and so was Rock Lords so I think the Ston'emm were born basically from the love I have for those two properties. Plus who doesn't like cool rock guys??

The Ston'emm (pronounced: 'Stone-M') are a strong, honorable people and experts at growing and cultivating crystals. 200 years before the catastrophe that mutated Slauria & created the Canne'boids happened, about 95% of the Ston'emm population left to colonize other worlds and they were not there when the Sporr'zah Invasion took place. Since that time, the ston'emm went into seclusion from the outside world and stayed to themselves on their new homeworld of "Quar'taa". No one has seen a Ston'emm in three centuries and the general belief of the galactic populace (aside from the people left on Slauria) is that they are mythical beings that never really existed.

Then the Armovors invaded Glyos via the Zorennor Gate and began their war. During this time the Ston'emm remained absent from the conflict. One day, a ston'emm by the name Sta'lagg of Granite witnessed the Armovors brutality first hand and returned to his people to explain to them of what he had seen. He stressed to them that the peaceful races of the universe and also their true home-world of Slauria are were in danger if this threat was not kept in check. Now was not the time for silence and hiding, now was the time for action.

Em'ralld of Feldspar, the head member of the Council of Stonez agreed with Sta'lagg and informed every able-bodied ston'emm to forge weapons and vehicles of war and prepare for battle. Even though they were not overly involved in the affairs of the Galactic Council, the Government on Pru'tarr or Glyaxia Command, to sit idly by and do nothing was not the honorable thing to do.

the Ston'emm:
"Ston'emms are masters of crystal cultivation & design. Their Pow'rr crystals are used to fuel their great stone-ships, vehicles and weapons and their Grav'etee crystals enable them to pilot their Aster-Crafts in planets with an atmosphere. A single Ston'emm warrior is as strong as roughly 5 Glyans, has a body composed of ni-impervious rock and are masters of melee combat. When injured in battle, a ston'emm can absorb local rocks and minerals to re-build it's body and repair any damage taken during the fight. Certain ston'emms can use this ability to bulk themselves up and increase in size."

Group Shot

Now, for the release info on how to get the figures:

Each figure has six hand-cast parts cast by Jeremy Sung of Spy Monkey Creations who has been instrumental in getting the ston'emm off the ground (you rock Jeremy, no pun intended LOL!). Each figure uses parts from 1 Hub set, have drilled-out hands to hold accessories & have a cloth belt. In addition, each Ston'emm will have some paint applications (eyes & teeth most notably) but for the most part will be cast in a unique colorway. Since Jeremy & I are both such huge Rock Lords fans, he had the thought to swirl colors together just like the Rock Lords did & I loved the idea. These are just a few of the Ston'emm I assembled so far, and there should be more on the way.

These will be going on sale first at New York Comic Con 2012 and then they will be available online after the show, probably a couple of weeks after the October Glyos release so people have time to regenerate their wallets. I haven't nailed the price for them just yet but I'll post it here once I figure it out. I still have to sand-down the rough edges on the parts & paint them so when I have more finished pictures to show you I will post them here.  :thumbup:


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